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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Using Herbal Tea as a Room Freshener

I was trying different herbal teas and happened upon an apple one that I was hoping would taste like hot cider but reminded me more of Red Hots candy... Not what I was looking for. It did however, have a very strong fragrance that quickly filled the room and made it smell great. That night I added a tea bag to a mason jar (a ramekin or mug would work too) and poured hot water over it, then placed it on my electric candle warmer-it worked like a charm! The whole livingroom smelled like fall, cinnamon and apples-very nice:@)
These teas are around $2.25 for 20 tea bags at Walmart, and they can be reheated several times. 
That's a very affordable, natural room freshener.

Have a happy day:@)


  1. This would smell incredible! I'll look for it too! Hugs, Diane

  2. What a brilliant idea Lynn! And what a great way to still enjoy your undrinkable tea! I am ready for the smells of fall 😅

  3. What a great idea, Lynn! I have some teas that I don't enjoy drinking, but would make a nice scent. You're so clever!!

  4. So wonderful, although it would make me want a cup of tea each time.

  5. Great thinking! I probably would have tossed the whole box! So wasteful---glad you found an alternative use :)

  6. What a super idea! I have some teas that are on the old side That I was going to throw out. Now I am going to go through them and smell them to see which ones might work for this. You are so clever. Always enjoy reading your blog.

  7. Well, that's brilliant! I know what you mean about the red hot flavor and I'm not a fan, either. What a clever use instead of tossing them. I have some peppermint that's too strong, I'll try it with that.
    Have a good weekend!

  8. My favorite is the chamomlie vanilla and there is a Blueberry one I really like. When I find tea thats to strong. I brew regular liptons and add the stronger tea a little bit to just flavor the liptons... But room fresher great idea.. W/ love Janice

  9. A brilliant solution for undrinkable tea~ I'll steer clear of that one unless I want a room freshener Lynn, thanks for the heads up :)


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