Saturday, May 18, 2024

New Garden Toy-Cardinals! And a Bird Feeder Kids Craft

I'd been kicking around the idea of adding a bird bath to the raised bed garden area and found this little beauty on Amazon. I love the two tiers, I added bird food to the top and water to the bottom. While it's fun to watch all birds, I knew there were cardinals in the yard and did a little research to find out what they liked... A sturdy non-wobbly feeder, a solid place to perch to eat, black oil sunflower seeds, and trees, bushes or greenery near by. It only took a couple hours for the birds to find it:@) My pics are x10 on my cell phone through the kitchen window... But hopefully one day I'll get a nice clear shot from outside. 

The dishes are sturdy and easy to lift out for cleaning. As time goes on I will probably add a couple small holes to the food dish for rain drainage. Right now I bring it in at night or if I know it will rain. 

I'm very happy with this purchase and love watching the activity! And yes, I’ve had to shoo a few squirrels away…

Neighbors playing nice... The story line: My little bird diner would be a true greasy spoon... Which the locals affectionately refer to as The Chirp and Burp Cafe:@) Alternate names (all start with The and end with Cafe): Peck and Perk, Fly and Try, Perch and Search, Seed and Feed. And finally, and maybe I’ll make a sign, Feathers Together Cafe.

Word is out and the waiting line is a long one:@)

Looking for a fun project to make with kids? Here is a Recycled K-Cup and Popsicle Stick Bird Feeder. There are lots of options, you can make it more stable by nestling it in the branches, or use this as a starting point and make improvements... 

Have a great weekend:@)

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  1. I’m loving your birding stations, Lynn, and seeing all the potential customers lined up. All the names you thought of are very clever. My bird feed store told me that watching the birds is actually good for one’s health. Right now I have my woodpecker at my feeder and a cardinal at my little pond.


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