Saturday, April 20, 2024

Baseball! Candle Ribbon Wrap, Krispie Cookies & Phillies Pinterest Board

I started a new Phillies Baseball Fun Pinterest Board, so this week's posts have had a bit of a baseball and tailgating theme... The next, no-brainer, idea for decorating the candle on my tiered tray, Wrap a Flameless Candle in Icon or Logo Ribbon. You only need about 10" of ribbon to cover a 4" wide pillar candle. I secured the ribbon closed with glue dots. And of course, this doesn't need to be sports theme'd, any pretty ribbon would be nice. Dollar Tree usually has a display of seasonal choices, as well as the glue dots:@) Planning a wedding, bridal shower, baby shower, etc? You could have custom ribbon printed up. But please, only use flameless candles or wrap it around glass jars...

Need a little snack that travels well...
May I suggest these Krispie Mmmm's Cookies.
Good stuff folks:@)

And finally,
Let's start humming the song now...

Make something just for fun, and
Have a Happy Day:@)


  1. I love all the cute baseball stuff! The painted marshmallows are too cute!

  2. You’re into the swing of baseball season, Lynn. Those cookies look really tasty.

  3. Mmmm....I could go for some of those yummy M&M cookies!!!


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