Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Instant Pot Pressure Cooker-Dye Easter Eggs While They Cook In One Step -With Surprise!

I just had to try this pressure cooker one step technique for dyeing hard boiled eggs while they cook. They turned out a nice intense color and the only limitation is how many eggs you can fit into the mason jars for cooking. Ha-it's too fun:@) I tried to cool them as quickly as possible and they did peel nicely. Stay tuned for a new post about how I'm using them coming up... Don't hesitate to add this to the to-do list folks, especially if you don't need a ton of eggs and want to try something new.

An unexpected surprise... 
Sporadic little colored dots on the egg whites!
They would make cool deviled eggs:@)

 Easter will be here before we know it...

  • Better Homes and Gardens used an 8 quart Instant Pot and pint jars. They fit two-three eggs into each jar.
  • I used my 6 quart pressure cooker and four jelly jars (8 oz), one egg in each jar. 
  • Food coloring drops work best.
  • I cut the vinegar back to 1 tsp per jar but did still use the 12 drops of food coloring.
  • For more pastel eggs, use less food coloring.
  • I did rinse my eggs under cold water once done cooking so they would still peel nicely. The rinsing did lighten the color of the eggs a bit, but what you see is the final result.
  • I'll list what I did below, you can stop by BH&G for their detailed instructions.
Cook and Dye Easter Eggs in an Instant Pot Pressure Cooker-adapted from Better Homes and Gardens
  1. Add 12 drops food coloring and 1 tsp white vinegar to half pint mason jars.
  2. Add a little water to each jar and carefully place a raw egg into each jar.
  3. Fill with water until top of egg is covered.
  4. Pour 1 C water into pressure cooker vessel.
  5. Add rack and place mason jars on rack. I tried to keep mine from touching.
  6. Place lid on PC, set to seal, set timer for 6 minutes.
  7. Allow pressure to come down naturally for 6 minutes. Release any remaining pressure.
  8. Using a canning jar lifter or tongs, carefully remove jars. Pour dyed liquid out and replace with cold running water. 
  9. Chill eggs as quickly as possible for easier peeling. I didn't want to soak them in ice water and lose more color so I placed them in the freezer for about 20-25 minutes and then stored them in the fridge.


  1. How cool is this!! And I love the bonus surprise! I can't wait to see what you do!

  2. What a fun project and nifty spots! If you don't turn them into deviled eggs then that will be the surprise :-)

  3. Oh, my gosh, I love the spotted results! And I find IP hard boiled eggs to peel beautifully, too!

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  5. What a great tip and I love those surprise spots on the yolks!

  6. What a brilliant idea to use your pressure cooker to dye your eggs. It is such a great idea that I featured you on our Celebrate Your Story link party. Please check my post at Monday at 8 p.m to see your post featured. Thanks for linking up with us.

  7. WOW, what an interesting recipe and the eggs look awesome! Thanks so much for linking up with me at #AThemedLinkup 12 for Crock Pot and Instant Pot Recipes, open February 28 to March 10.

  8. CONGRATS! Your post is FEATURED at #AThemedLinkup 13 for Vegan Recipes from my previous linkup for Crock Pot and Instant Pot Recipes! Party open March 15 to 25.

  9. This is pretty cool, though I'm not into instapots at this time...will pass this on to one who is!Hugs, Sandi


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