Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Strapless Barbie Dress with or without Apron/Peplum-For Any Occasion

8/11/19 Update: The link to the original tutorial I used was taken down, so I created a step-by-step picture tutorial for a simple Strapless Barbie Dress on my DIY Barbie Blog. I call the variation shown below a Hostess Dress because I added an apron/peplum made with leftover ruffle from my stash. This is a cute dress, great for any occasion, in any fabric design, and it whips up in no time! Barbie's ready to paint the town green for St. Patty's Day! Ack... Look at those cute glittery gold shoes!!! I had to get them in the pic:@)
  • The dress only requires a 6"x6" square of fabric. 
  • Press the top and bottom under 1/4", hem. 
  • Turn the fabric wrong side out and wrap it around the doll, pin it closed, then use pins for the bust dart placement (pinch the fabric at the waist long ways under each boob so the dart runs up and down). You'll sew a crescent shaped seam for each dart, approx 1" long. Widest at the waist, running off the fabric at bust line and hip.
  • Optional-Then I sewed the ruffle apron/peplum where her waist is. It only takes about 4" of ruffle. 
  • Fold right sides together and sew a 1/4" seam 3" from the bottom up the back, back stitch. (If you add the apron/peplum be sure to catch the edges of the ruffle in this seam.)
  • Fold the rest of the fabric on each side over 1/4", I used a 1/4" wide strip of velcro the whole length of the opening. If you're using snaps hem each side before sewing them on. 
  • You can find my step-by-step picture tutorial HERE.
The ruffle on the multi-colored dress is from top to bottom 2", the St. Pat's dress is 2 1/2". Use whatever you have, I think you could make an extra fancy dress with some pretty lace ruffle...
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Barbie hopes Kathleen doesn't mind that she's crashing the St. Patty's Day Blog Crawl Party... 
Especially since she promises to bring the corned beef and cabbage:@)
Don't we all look this fabulous at the stove???


  1. Adorable and I love the ruffled white apron. Barbie, you will be the queen of the party.

  2. I usually dress like that when I cook. Of course, it takes a lot more fabric to make my cute outfits!!


  3. Oh my gosh Lynn, this is SO cute!! I love that dress with the shamrock fabric and the apron is the perfect touch!! Yep, those gold shoes are rocking the outfit. :-D

    Love that last picture. My hubs would think he was in the wrong house if he came home and saw me dressed like that cooking dinner. Fun post Lynn, and you did a great job on the dress and apron! I hope you have a great day.


    Denise at Forest Manor

  4. I love it, Lynn! And I love your header, too. Made me smile! LOL



  5. Barbie sure looks fashionable to be crashing the St. Patrick's Day party, Lynn. I don't think Kathleen will mind since Barbie's sharing the the main dish! I love your St. Paddy's Day header, too.

  6. I know how tedious sewing Barbie clothes can be and you have my utmost respect. Such a good job and she looks fantastic!
    p.s. my Barbies could never cross their legs.

  7. Barbie is right in style and ready to party. Very cute and clever.

  8. Too cute! Lovin the new header too. Dancing pigs make me smile!

  9. What a hoot Lynn! I didn't know Barbie had corned beef and cabbage in her repertoire :) She puts me to shame when I stand next to my stove, love the shoes!

  10. So cute, Lynn! Barbie's fashions have certainly expanded! xo

  11. Barbie is always welcome at my House!!! She is quite a gal and knows how to celebrate!!! Nice to see her in some St. Patty's Day attire :)

  12. A perfect dress for hostess Barbie this St Patrick's Day! I always enjoy your beautiful creations!

  13. Loved seeing something "different" on Kathleen's Blog Crawl!!! Fantastic job on the shamrock dress! I used to love to play with Barbies but alas, my daughter, when she was young, did not! I NEVER did pretend that Barbie was making cabbage and corned beef though! Visiting as your linky neighbour on the Crawl.


  14. How cute is that! And yes she looks fabulous! I look just like that when I cook, too! hahahaha! Sweet hugs!

  15. Lol that is cute! Her dress is great! She looks ready to serve! Have a Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  16. Oh I just love it! She looks so precious in the dresses you made. I always dress like that for making dinner, lol. Visiting from the blog crawl.

  17. How cute! I used to collect Barbies, in fact still have a few I should part with. Cute post.

  18. SO cute! Maybe my newest granddaughter will play Barbies with me in a few years. My oldest one never got into Barbie, alas. And I still have my Dream House from about 1964!

  19. Adorable! Geez, I wish I looked that cute at the stove! :0)

  20. I love your Barbie all dressed for ST. Paddy's Day! Too cute!
    Miss Bloomers

  21. This is the sweetest hostess dress for Barbie! I love the shamrock fabric and she is wearing the green for St. Paddy's Day! Have a great week!


  22. Oh my goodness, Barbie makes an adorable hostess to Kathleen's Irish party!

  23. Lynn,
    Oh, dear one, how the memories flood over me!
    My Sister loves to sew. . .me, not so much!
    When we were children, she made all my Barbie Doll clothes!!!
    Love Barbie's Saint Patrick's Day attire!!!
    Thanks for your sweet comment and visit recently!!!
    I do hope you'll visit again, soon!

  24. This is hysterical! Irish Barbie, who knew? Just adorable. Wish I needed a 6 in sq to make a dress! :)
    Thanks so much for taking part in the 6th annual St. Pat's Bog Crawl! Slainte'!

  25. Such a lovely dress! I just found your blog and love it! Keep up your great work.


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