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Ripple Stitch Crochet Dishcloth, and questions...

I love double crochet, it's pretty and works up fast! So I wanted to try a new design and chose this Ripple Stitch Crochet Dishcloth. The site gave instructions for an afghan, I just shortened it for a dishcloth. What I like about this pattern is, it's very easy to follow in the middle, 4 DC then you make either a hill or valley and it's easy to see where you are too.
Somehow... I goofed up the first row and ended up with extra stitches in my chain? Additionally, the sides got all wonky (again) and I just worked with it as best I could. When I was done I undid the extra chains and wove in my ends.

 But look at how great the middle is:@)

  1. It's been a year since I first picked up a crochet hook and while making serviceable items, it's evident I'm doing something wrong or missing something. I was wondering if anyone had an on-line course they've used and are happy with? 
  2. This may sound odd but, I use the 'I' hook a lot and it was a recent purchase, metal Boye hook (my other Boye hooks are many years old). The "coating" on this new hook is different than the other ones, it seems thicker? And this hook doesn't seem to glide as well as the others. Do you have a favorite brand/hook and have you tried the wooden ones? Do you like a thin or thick handle? I'd love to hear your thoughts on hooks!
  3. It was heavily reduced so I ended up with 3 skeins of Bernat Icicle Holidays yarn at the end of last year (2 red, 1 green). This is a slightly shimmery super chunky 75% acrylic/25% nylon yarn. Anyone have an idea of what to make with it? I'm just not ~feeling~ the elf slippers on the label:@)
Ripple Stitch Dishcloth-from, this pattern is copied and pasted from that site, stop by for details.
My dishcloth: I hook, 100% cotton yarn, I chained 32 and made 12 rows (I'd add 1-2 more rows next time).

Chain 32 (or a multiple of five stitches plus seven). Make sure the chain is roughly as long as you want the finished piece to be wide. The ripple of the design will make the finished piece slightly shorter than your starting chain. With a size G hook, you will get about one inch of length for every four or five stitches.

Turn the piece when you have finished the chain. Double crochet in the fourth chain from the hook; this serves as the first double crochet.

Double crochet in each of the next three chains, for a total of four double crochet.

Make three double crochets in the next chain. This creates the first hill in the ripple pattern.

Double crochet in each of the next four chains. Skip two chains for the valley, and double crochet in four more chains. Make three double crochet in the next chain.

Repeat step five across the entire length of the chain. End the pattern after four double crochets coming down from a peak, before beginning a new valley.

Turn the piece. Chain three for the first double crochet. Double crochet in each of the next three double crochet.

Make three double crochet stitches in the next stitch. This stitch should be the middle of the three stitches made in the previous chain. It is at the very peak of the hill.

Double crochet in each of the next four stitches, and skip two stitches. These should be the stitches on either side of the two skipped stitches in the previous row. Double crochet in the next four stitches. Make three double crochets in the next stitch, at the top of the hill.

Repeat step nine across the length of the piece. Turn and repeat steps seven through nine for each row. Continue until the afghan has reached the desired length. Finish off and weave in the ends.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts and have a happy day:@)


  1. Hi Lynn,
    Your dishcloth looks great! I think something happened with the tops/valleys of the chevron that you have stitches left. I offer an online course on my blog, but if you have any specific questions please drop me a message! My favorite brands at the moment are clover soft touch/clover amour/tulip etimo. I pick a hook with and test it. I just feel if the combination of yarn/hook is okay. It needs to glide through the stitches! And maybe it is fun to crochet a cowl with the Bernat yarn?
    Have a great day!

  2. Huh?!! I think it looks great but what do I know?


  3. It does look like peppermint! I can't crochet...hoping to learn one day. I love Earl flying around the blog with his reminder!

  4. I'll take a crocheted dish cloth over a sponge any day! I really wish I knew how to crochet, so I could make a bunch of these. I have visions of a stack of pink and aqua and red ones sitting by the sink, all ready to go. It just looks SO much harder than knitting. I'll have to find a You Tube video of "crocheting for dummies"!
    Happy New Year!

  5. I wish I could help you, Lynn. I don't crochet, it my older sister does. She is working around the clock and hard to get in you h with... But I will see what she says. She hasn't done anything in years, but her work was amazing. She doesn't do computer, but I will try and see what she says.



  6. Sorry about the typos. The IPAD is spelling for me again. Argh!

  7. Hi Lynnie! Oh, your ripple looks great. I was never able to get my sides to look as neat as yours. I'm sure there are some classes on line but I don't know of any. Google it, hopefully you'll find one.
    Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  8. Well we just aren't much help are we? I love your dish cloth.

  9. Hi Lynn, This zigzag pattern was the one my sisters and I were taught to do by our aunt, and I can't tell you how painful those edges were for me! And my afghans always "grew" or "shrank" as I went along because I didn't care about boing careful with my stitches! The key to success is in the stitches you do when you turn. You need to join two stitches at the end to make the edges smooth. This is a fabulous post and video:
    I hope it helps--let me know! Linda

  10. You are doing great-you should have seen me and CC trying to teach ourselves how to crochet. It was pitiful.

  11. I like the dishcloth - looks like bits of christmas candy in it. I don't care for any of the newer crochet hooks- they are "sticky" - don't glide and the hooks are often not shaped quite properly. I don't like the big fat handles either - but I've been crocheting for over 50 years and so I'm used to the older hooks. When I need a hook in a different size I go to ebay and find "vintage" ones - they are so smooth and nice. Sometimes thrift stores will have them quite inexpensively too.

    I think crochet hooks are going to way that chairs have gone. Old kitchen chairs were shaped for people's bottoms - the backs were slanted just right and the chair was comfy for sitting - now they make most chairs to LOOK like a chair, with no thought of how it fits the body - how the back slants or if it is even comfy - just make it fast and sell it faster - most people aren't going to bring back their chairs anyway, once they find out how awful they are - they'll just put up with them and use them less. It is a shame that quality is not something most manufacturers take pride in any more - faster and more - who cares about the quality?

  12. To my untrained eye your dishcloth looks perfect! My aunt makes something similar to this, I love them, they last forever!

  13. I love your dishcloth, and see absolutely nothing wrong with it. The handmade ones are the best! :)

  14. What a great design! I think you did a fabulous job. Love the colors too!

  15. Your ripple stitched dishcloth looks great! I've made an afghan in that pattern and had trouble getting the hang of it at first. I pick any crochet hook that I have and can't really recommend one. I do have one that someone gave me that has a soft part to hold on to, which is nice for gripping.
    Maybe you could do some red hearts and green shamrocks and make a cute garland to hang with the shimmery yarns?? xo

  16. It looks great to me and I sure need to make some! Thanks for the inspiration! Hugs!

  17. Hi Lynn, Perhaps you could take an adult ed course at a local community college. I would love to knit or crochet and make hats, etc. However, I haven't yet found the time to do it. Maybe some day. Good luck!

  18. I have found the free videos on the 'The Crochet Crowd' website to very helpful. They also have free patterns. Happy Crocheting!


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