Monday, October 22, 2018

Halloween Bloodshot Eyeball Crinkle Cookies from Cake Mix

As soon as I made my Variegated Crinkle Cookies last Halloween I knew these Bloodshot Eyeball Crinkle Cookies from a Cake Mix would be ghoulish fun. They can be made with a red velvet cake mix, a white cake mix and red food coloring, or I used a Pillsbury Funfetti Radiant Red cake mix I found at Walmart. All I can say is, it takes a lot for my sons to be impressed with my crazy bloggy experiments... They both thought these cookies looked great ~and~ were pretty darn tasty too:@) Don't hesitate to place this on your Halloween to-do list folks, I think you'll be glad you did!

We have options for the decoration, large chocolate chips will work in a pinch, 
but the fun Wilton candy eyes below, found in the baking or holiday isle, are best.
All cake mixes come in different weights, this recipe is for the mix that comes in an envelope and makes 12 cupcakes. If you have a boxed mix you can see my post HERE for recipes for different sizes.

Oh and, I think they'd be pretty on a Christmas Cookie Tray too... Minus the eyeball of course:@) I'd get one red and one green cake mix.

Bloodshot Eyeball Crinkle Cookie from Cake Mix
One 12 cupcake cake mix-mine was 8.25 oz
1 egg
2 Tblsp vegetable oil
1/2 tsp vanilla
powdered sugar for coating
  1. Thoroughly blend cake mix, egg, oil and extract. It will seem too dry and thick at first, let it sit on the bowl and the dough will begin to hydrate and come together, kneading with your hands may be best.
  2. Roll dough into 1" balls, keep the balls kind of small.
  3. Roll each ball in powdered sugar, coat really well.
  4. Place balls on parchment or silpat lined baking sheets, 2" apart.
  5. Bake at 375 for 10-13 minutes, or until cookies are dry and golden on edges. My cookies did take at least 13 minutes.
  6. Place baking sheet on cooling rack and let sit for a couple minutes. If using chocolate chips, top each cookie with a chip. 
  7. Remove cookies to cooling rack. If using candy eyes, when cool, attach each eye with a dab of either icing or melted chocolate or candy melts.
  8. Store in air tight container.


  1. Your red velvet bloodshot eyeball cookies are spooktacular Lynn! I love them with the large Wilton candy eyeballs :)

  2. These are just the cutest idea. I love it.
    Thanks for sharing at Cooking and Crafting with J & J.

  3. These are a so funny! I'll bet my grandsons would love baking these with me :)

  4. These are too fun, Lynn! I think my little Cissy and I should make these today for some Halloween fun.


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