Sunday, January 21, 2018

Cream Cheese Message Celebration Brownies -Philadelphia Eagles Version

What is "fan" short for? FANATICAL... Yep, I hand sorted various jimmies and sprinkles from my stash to come up with Eagles colors for my brownies today. Weather wise, Philly kinda thinks Mother Nature let us down a bit, while today will be a beautiful 50 degrees for tailgating and grilling out... We really wanted cold temperatures and these snowflakes adding to home field advantage for the game:@)

I've used this idea of Writing a Message on Brownies with Cream Cheese for the 4th of July before but couldn't resist whipping up some Philadelphia Eagles Brownies to cheer on my team during the playoffs. Side note: I was tickled when I asked a bakery manager if he'd sell me a football ring to add to the brownies and he said "I won't sell you one, but I'll give you one". He must be a fan too-big smiles:@)

We haven't been in the playoffs in a loooong time folks...
This brownie is going to taste extra good!

Cream Cheese Mixture for Decorating Brownies
2 oz cream cheese, room temperature
1/2 C powdered sugar
enough food coloring gel to make the color you desire-I left mine white this time
~Mix well, add to piping bag and decorate the top of the brownie batter. Decorate before you bake the brownies per the package directions.
~Note: I had half of my cream cheese mixture left over.

Have a happy day:@)


  1. I love your team spirit and brownies Lynn! I had to chuckle at preferring snowflakes over grilling weather for the home field advantage. ;) Keeping my fingers crossed this will be the Eagles' year!

  2. Great idea of how to write on brownies and I say go Eagles!!

  3. Hi Lynn, If it comes down to Philly v. the Jags I'll be a screaming Eagle too but really I'd love to see a Super Bowl between Philly and Boston! How exciting it would be! I'm planning to do your dipped marshmallows in the appropriate colors. Linda

  4. Philly Phans go the distance to cheer on their Eagles. Great looking brownies with hand-picked sprinkles and team name!
    ps planning to make your horseradish dip. Stopped for the ingredients today.

  5. What a fun idea! Hope you'll be celebrating tomorrow!!!

  6. Congrats on the big win Lynn, I know your cute brownies tasted extra sweet! That cream cheese trick is amazing!

  7. wooohooo Lynn, I was thinking about you the other night. I know that you are one happy girl!! Congrats. I hope they take it all of the way.


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