Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Crafty Christmas-getting an early start on handcrafted gifts

I'm really not trying to freak anyone out (really, I'm not :@), just trying to provide a few Handcrafted Christmas Gift Ideas that don't take a whole lot of time and are easy to get started on now. What I love about most of these items is, they can be made in year-round colors or holiday colors and a couple are great anytime hostess gifts. So if you're planning on doing some crafting for Christmas this year, I hope you find a little inspiration here!

I think it would be great to give a nice thick wide coaster with a bottle of wine! You could make the colors match their decor, the holidays, or... dare I say, their favorite team:@) A set of 4-6 thirsty, washable coasters for glasses would be a nice gift too. 
And this pattern was written up as a hot pad if you need a Thanksgiving hostess gift idea.

While these ornaments may seem involved, I promise that once you get started it will click.
The best thing about them is, the focal point in the middle can be anything, just pick a favorite theme, cartoon character, sports team HERE, anything. They're a good stash buster too.
I've provided a link to a great tutorial.

What I love about this idea is, it's a fun gift for younger folks and pretty guy friendly too, minus the flower button of course:@)
It's a great use for old or thrifted jeans, super simple to make and just cute!

What can I say, if you have little girls in your life you probably have Barbie too.
This pattern is pretty easy and fun to make. Even a novice like me can whip up a sweater in a few hours. 
Many more Barbie ideas can be found HERE.

A great craft the kids can help make. This is a special gift if you include the background story too.

My crochet "skills" are marginal at best but even I can whip up these useful and pretty dishcloths in a couple hours. 
They are usually pretty well received too.

and last but not least...
Remember, the elf comes to live with you the day after Thanksgiving, 
so if you want to start this tradition with the kids or grands you'll need to have an elf ready this month. 
(That's Elfina riding in on Earl yelling "the holidays are coming, the holidays are coming!!!)

You can click my Craft Index for more ideas.

Happy holiday crafting everyone:@)


  1. love the santa ornament! and the denim potholders are a great idea! thanks for sharing! and Happy Tuesday!

  2. Those are all great gift giving idea, Lynn! I especially got a chuckle this morning from Elfina riding on Earl!

  3. Your elf on the shelf is so cute Lynn!! You have tons of cute crafts here, I should crochet some coasters and dish cloths with all the random yarns I have, Love the idea of using team colors, I'll be needing some crimson yarn!

  4. shush, elfina! shush! :) the potholders are really cool.

  5. SO many cute ideas. I don't have a crafty bone in my body, so I'll have to stick to baking! Phooey.

  6. Great craft ideas. I wonder if I could teach my self to crochet?? Oh Earl you are so darn cute.


  7. Never too early to start for Christmas. Someone gave me that exact trivet last year as part of their hostess gift.

  8. Cute ideas...the Barbie sweater brought me back to the early 60's when my grandmother made many outfits for my Barbie dolls!! Wish I could knit or crochet (I have tried numerous times, but it is not my thing!!)

  9. I love all your patterns.looks so great

  10. Lynn, I was just thinking I hadn't seen Barbie modeling any new clothes lately! I love your cute dollar store pot holder makeover, thrifty and cute too :)


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