Monday, November 2, 2015

Tis officially the season...

For Christmas items at Walmart.
They're bringing back some retro blowmolds and this 40" Santa is fun!

And this dish towel gave me a chuckle... 
Probably not bad advice!

One thing I wasn't too fond of... 
A huge countdown to Christmas sign as you walk in the door-ugh!

Enjoy your November and have a happy day:@)


  1. Im just not ready... lol! but I have to go look for the blowmold! lol!
    happy day!

  2. Love Santa in all his retro glory! The count down is to Christmas is scarier than any Halloween spook or ghoul :)

  3. Got to remember Don't Drink and Decorate!

  4. That's a beautiful Santa. I wonder if I can sneak in another blowmold? I seem to be out of storage room (smile).

  5. I love retro Santas like this. Don't drink and decorate is good advice...I'm prone to accidents when I haven't been drinking! LOL

  6. Hi Lynn,

    My dad would love that retro Santa!! I love the dish towel -- too funny and too true. :-D Yes, the countdown begins -- ready or not. I'm trying to get ahead this year, but I hardly know where to start.

    I hope you have a great week, Lynn!


    Denise at Forest Mnaor

  7. I am not ready to do a Christmas countdown! Yikes!

  8. It is too early for Christmas! But now that I know that the Evil Giant (as we call Walmart) has retro ornaments, I guess I will have to stop by before they are gone - so adorable!

  9. Why does Christmas come around more and more quickly the older I get?? I do love the retro Santa and the dish towel is great advice!


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