Saturday, June 22, 2024

HOT!!! Sugar Free Jello Popsicles, Slow Cooker BBQ Pork, and Barbie Sightings...

So... How's the weather where you are? Yep, it's been stupid hot outside... Let's ~try~ to cool off a little with these super simple Sugar Free Jello Popsicles:@) These are seriously as easy as the title sounds.

I think the slow cooker can be helpful when we're trying to not heat up the kitchen... Simply toss some boneless country ribs into the vessel (large or small batch), sprinkle on some dry herbs, cook, shred, add sauce, and within a few hours BBQ Pork Sandwiches are served:@)

And I spotted a couple new Barbie items at the stores. These aren't Barbie dolls, but Barbie theme'd... First is a baseball cap at Dollar Tree. Light denim in color with the great embroidered pink profile. Cute!

And I'm lovin' these remote controlled cars at Walmart. Now your daughter can race her brother, or run it all over the back yard:@) Hot Wheels brand, but far from the little metal cars we are all familiar with. I didn't measure these trucks, but I'm guessing they are about 6-8" long. 

Like this little guy at my bird bath...

🌞Stay cool folks, and
Have a Happy Day:@)


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