Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Frozen Jello Popsicles -Sugar Free (or not)

Ever find yourself with a few extra boxes of Jello??? (Thanks Ma:@) We've just started seeing nice warm weather here in Philly and were treated to a spectacular weekend! I thought it would be fun to mix up some Sugar Free Frozen Jello Popsicles. And of course you could use regular Jello too. Most of us have a set of molds in a closet or drawer, or you can get them anywhere, Walmart, Dollar Tree and mine are Tupperware, $1 from the thrift store. Nothing ground breaking here folks, just wanted to toss the idea out there, I love that's it's sugar free and good for low carb too.
What I like about this most is the texture of the pops, they aren't rock hard...
If you're from Philly you might be familiar with the top of water ice that stays kinda clear, syrupy and crystal like?
Yea, that:@)
 As a point of reference, a four serving size filled my six Tupperware set with a tad leftover.

Frozen Jello Popsicles
1. Any flavor or size of Jello you'd like.
2. Prepare per package directions.
3. Pour into molds and freeze until completely frozen through.
Enjoy a popsicle and have a happy day:@)

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  1. Sounds like a cool, refreshing, low carb treat, Lynn!

  2. I remember making these 50 years ago for my oldest. ;) Fun and yummy!

  3. Jello pops sound really good for summer.

  4. I despise jello in its traditional form, but used to make jello pops for the kids and they were always surprisingly good. I need to make some (albeit sugar free) for me this summer

  5. Gosh, I'm sure I have a popsicle mold in this house somewhere! And plenty of jello in the pantry! A fun summer treat for sure!

  6. What a fun and easy summer recipe. Pinning for my boys.


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