Saturday, August 5, 2023

2023 Raised Bed Garden Update and Thoughts

I wanted to share some pics from the end of July garden, with some thoughts and observations, it was a ~very HOT sunny day~. My little Christmas tree rosemary didn't grow much. I don't think this end bed is good for sun, gonna re-think what I plant there next year. We'll see how the rosemary fares over winter... Old Glory is pretty much faded and will be replaced next spring. (Sometimes you don't notice things until you see them in a picture:@)

I had to chuckle... Planted mixed color zinnia seeds in three places, most all of them are pink! It's like even Mother Nature knew this is a big year for Barbie:@)

Three boxes of peppers, they are doing... ok... I've picked a handful so far. Jalapenos just perked up and bloomed like crazy this week. Sunflowers...

On a whim, planted some sunflower seeds in back. They are spectacular, well over 7' tall. But even though I've trimmed the bottom leaves off, they are still shading the peppers a bit. Lesson learned. I hope they knock my socks off when they bloom, then all will be forgiven:@)

Temps about 100 degrees for three full days when I took these pictures, but everything is hanging in there.

My watermelon:@) It fell off the sling, yep. So I carefully moved a cinder block into the bed and nestled the melon on top. Hopefully this is better solution.

The tomato corner, yeah, that's a lot of plant in one corner... But I am getting tomatoes, with enough to share. Little solar fountain still going strong!

I pulled the faded string beans from the last bed. This is my mystery squash from The Depot. It was struggling in the pot so I didn't have anything to lose... Added it to the bed hoping for a few more yellow squash. Eggplant next to it, it was a happy plant, turns out I'm not a big fan of the veggie... Lesson learned there too. Strawberry garden in back, still happy. I might try to thin a few plants, gonna read up on when is the best time. Far beds behind that with large tomatoes and squash, an experiment I had to try, but leaning towards not doing it again next year. The patio raised bed is enough.

My lavender is doing well, 
getting established, and smells great:@) 

View from the short end:

And I'll leave you with the long shot:

Quick Update: Ah...
A crisp new flag, that's better😎

So that's what's going on in the garden this year folks:@)
I hope yours has treated you well too!
🌼Have a Happy Weekend:@)


  1. Your garden looks great Lynn despite the extreme heat! We finally got some much needed rain here, and it certainly perked things up in my yard

  2. Looks like you had a great year. Sunflowers were hit and miss here, a lot here this year. I've never had luck with wintering rosemary over except for bringing it inside zone 5 here.
    great photos!

  3. I always like seeing the update and how your garden is coming along, Lynn. It’ll be a happy time to see those sunflowers when they bloom.

  4. Your garden looks spectacular! Can't wait to see the sunflowers when they bloom!


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