Saturday, June 17, 2023

New Summer Squash Plant? -Dup'd by the Depot...

People that know me well, know that I have a tendency to assign a value to things and very, ~very~ rarely pay more money. But every once in a while (especially in the name of blog fodder) I'll try something new. I was killing time one Saturday morning and stopped at Home Depot. They showed a squatty zucchini plant with approximate 3' maximum vines, that grew squarish fruit, perfect for grilling. Yep, I was intrigued:@) The hook... One plant cost $6. One *zucchini* plant $6. I hem-haw'd but thought it might be fun and got one.

The bullets of the Green Griller write-up:
  • Oblong zucchini that's blockier than other varieties, 6-7"
  • Great for grilling, with broad slices that are easy to flip
  • Simple to harvest with fruit growing on low, open bush
  • Pretty variegated green and silver foliage adds ornamental value
  • Fruit matures quickly

After a month+ of nurturing...
Um... This a regular, run of the mill, crookneck squash. Bummer. While I guess I could take it back, at this point in the season I'll just cut bait and keep it. At least it's making some squash:@)

Moral of the story,
sticking to your values is always best.

Have a great weekend:@)


  1. LOL...I swear there are munchikins somewhere switching labels on plants, food, clothing sizes...devilish little beings who's goals in life are driving us crazy! Grins,

  2. I’m sorry that the plant turned out to be your run of the mill squash. You’ll put it to good use though! Happy gardening, Lynn.

  3. Wow, that is deceiving! I know you were not happy!!


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