Monday, June 5, 2023

Fresh Strawberry Coleslaw & Strawberry Garden Update

We're right in the middle of strawberry season here in Philly, and my little garden is producing pretty well:@) I have enough crushed and frozen to make some jam for Christmas gifts, and now I'm focusing on a couple fun side dishes. First up, this Strawberry Coleslaw was fruity and fresh, and great with Sunday dinner! I honestly didn't change too much, simply used our family's regular cole slaw recipe and added sliced strawberries to it. If your berries aren't at peak sweetness, maybe add a little extra sugar, but other than that, pretty darn good as is. 

The strawberry garden- I used part of a greenhouse as the foundation for netting. This worked pretty well to keep the birds out of the berries:@) The greenhouse was Walmart after season clearance, $5.25 for a 4 tier enclosure... Not bad!
I'll begin training the runners into the tower now. These are ever bearing, so hopefully I'll get a few berries here and there throughout the summer.

Life is good:@)

Strawberry Coleslaw
~Mix up your favorite coleslaw recipe.
~Right before serving stir in a bunch of sliced strawberries.
~Yep, it doesn't need to be complicated folks...

Eat well and have a happy day:@)

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  1. Just look at those homegrown strawberries!! They are beautiful, Lynn, and the coke slaw sounds berri-licious!


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