Saturday, December 3, 2022

ReView: Cranberry Apple Jam & Barbie Outerwear Christmas Gifts-DIY

Leftover cranberries in the freezer? How about whipping up some Cranberry Apple Jam, I've provided a recipe that can be scaled down or up depending upon how much you'd like to make. And since cranberries have natural pectin, no store bought pectin is required! Just fruit and sugar, nice and easy... Add some warm spices and this would be a perfect Christmas gift:@) Good on toast or over cream cheese as an appetizer with crackers.

And as we're gathering gift ideas for the little Barbie enthusiasts in our life,
here are some cute DIY outerwear ideas that come together pretty quickly.
Mattel doesn't offer much cold weather gear...

Vary the type of yarn used for different looks.

Happy Holiday Planning🎅


  1. I just made my Christmas Jam yesterday, but I always have cranberries in my freezer. I can make this jam, too, Lynn. Barbie sure looks warm and cozy for the Winter. Happy Sunday!

  2. The jam is a very festive idea for gifts! Barbie's outerwear is all so cute!!


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