Saturday, May 21, 2022

Raised Bed Garden -Easy Solar Fountain

As with most things in life, it's the little things that make me smile. I had a big pedestal planter and thought it might be nice to turn it into a solar fountain in the corner of my raised bed garden. A simple $10 purchase on Amazon, and I have a pretty water feature, as well as the great sounds that go with it! Now, of course it wasn't ~quite~ that easy... Since I had used this for actual plants, I did drill holes in the planter for water drainage. Solution: An antique punch bowl I have literally stored in the closet for 30+ years. I placed a few pieces of broken paver in the bottom of the planter, punch bowl on top, fill with 2 gallons of water, sprinkle bottom with colorful gems (because, you know... I'm me), drop in fountain, add a little sunshine and wa-la!!! Lovin' it:@)

The fountain comes with various nozzle attachments,
everything from assorted sprays to,
I'll call it a gurgler, but it sprays higher that that.

These little fountains work great,
but make no mistake,
they do require ~full~ sun to be happiest.
And on windy days...
Yep, water does get blown out and it's needs refills.

Since this is not a permanent fixture,
I take the fountain out before I go inside on Sunday.
Also empty the punch bowl into the garden and store it in the shed.
Then when I'm ready for the weekend, 
it all sets back up in about 3 minutes:@)

Let the sun shine and,
Have a Happy Weekend🌞


  1. What a great focal feature for your yard!! And using your punch bowl was a genius fix!

  2. Lynn, this is so great! A water feature is such a fun addition to your yard. What a great idea in using the punch bowl. I have one in my closet, too, that I got as a wedding gift 52 years ago. I am going to tell people about your idea and the solar piece. You are so, so clever! Happy Sunday!

  3. I wish mine worked as good as yours! Enjoy!!!

  4. Wow, this is really cool Lynn! And I'm all for colored beads, so pretty!!


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