Saturday, March 24, 2018

Saturday Snippets- Easter Tiered Tray, Vintage Bunny Lights and Onion Snow

The theme for the Easter Tiered Tray this year seems to be silly bright colors, tons of eggs and lots of glitter:@) As soon as I saw the bird pick at Walmart I knew it would be fun tucked into my small vase and the mini egg ornaments fill in the top tray nicely. I've also added a new string of battery light up eggs from Walmart to the bottom. They came with an automatic 6 hour timer, which I thought was pretty nice for $2.44!

Tip: Add some sparkle and pizzazz to Dollar Tree battery votives by sprinkling a little holiday colored glitter on top.

I decided I really enjoyed lights in the kitchen window over Christmas and hope to keep changing them out for the different holidays and seasons. I've combined a few sets of old Easter lights, some gifted from my Aunt Dot and a couple found at thrift stores. Two different bunnies and some carrots add to our Easter fun. I'll be on the lookout for an Easter garland next year, but for right now the gold works:@)

And I'll leave you with... Old time farmers in the Mid Atlantic region would plant their cool weather crops and onion sets around St. Patrick's Day. Then they would sit back and wait for the "onion snow". That's the one last (hopefully the last) little dusting of snow for the season... My peas are in the planter on top and I'd say we had our onion snow for this spring on Wednesday:@) As with most March storms, the snow was gone in a day or two. Now I'm headed to the garden center to see if they have any spinach plants yet!

Don't forget Easter is next weekend and have a happy day:@)


  1. So cute with the lights over the kitchen window! I don't have much Easter decor out but the bunnies of course will not remain hidden so they are running around the house...Love that centerpiece.

  2. Love your bunny and carrot lights Lynn and your tiered centerpiece is so festive! I hope that's the last 'onion snow' for you!

  3. I love seeing your tiered tray decorated for the season. Those Wal Mart Easter Egg lights are so cute and with a timer! Your window lights look so fun and festive. We must keep ourselves's the little things in life, I tell ya!

  4. So cute Lynn, loving the lights! You always find such bargains!


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