Sunday, May 25, 2014

Bacon-Pickle Ketchup

Sometimes the best things come together quickly with simple pantry items and this Bacon-Pickle Ketchup is a good example of that! You consider bacon a pantry item... right? Right:@) While we all love burgers and dogs on the grill, this will add that little finishing touch that makes them just a bit more special! I loved using a standard relish that was basically dill pickle based and then added my Refrigerator Jalapeno Bread and Butter Pickles for some sweetness. I may have, um... seriously pigged out on this burger!
This recipe is easily reduced and 1/4 is plenty for two burgers.
Tip: I always break my bacon down into four slice bundles, I can fold three bundles in half and lay them flat in a one quart freezer bag to take one out as needed. I also hope everyone is pouring that bacon fat into a Mason Jar-that's good stuff folks:@)

Bacon-Pickle Ketchup-from Food Network Magazine, June 2014
4 slices bacon, cooked crisp and crumbled
1 C ketchup
half of an onion, finely chopped-I suggest a small sweet onion
1/2 C relish
1/4 C pickled jalapenos, drained and finely chopped-for my canned Pickled Jalapeno post click HERE
~Mix everything, store in the fridge until ready to serve.

Eat well and have a happy day:@)


  1. Lynn, I saw that recipe in FNM and knew it had to be good and even thought of you when I saw it! Wishing you a Happy Memorial Day weekend with lots of bacon fat :)

  2. Bacon makes everything better, right. I too hope you are having a very happy Memorial Day.

  3. Bacon is absolutely a "pantry" item!! What's not to like with this relish?


  4. Bacon is most definitely a staple in my house. This looks like a really condiment. Delicious.

  5. I bet that taste good with bacon!

  6. This has to be amazing! What a great combination.

  7. What a terrific condiment!! And I love the tip on freezing the bacon, too.

  8. Everything's better with bacon. Great tip on freezing bacon. I am now doing a "slap upside of the head, why didn't I think of that moment." Have a wonderful Memorial Day.

  9. Oh my ...I wish we lived closer...I would run right over just to lick the pan, OR the BBQ grill after that one! YUMMO!
    I just made hamburgers last night or I would be trying this immediately, Lynn. It makes my mouth water just reading the recipe.

    I usually have grandkidlets here for a sleep-over when I made bacon, so I lay out the entire 1# pkg in single layer strips on a sheet pan with sides. Baked in the oven, I only turn it once...doesn't take long & a huge batch is ready for everyone at the same time. I may have to start doing 2# though, as my 12 yr. old DGS can eat an entire package all by himself.

    And "yes" I save the drippings...great start for hash browns the next day.
    Thanks for sharing the recipe & for cracking me up with your comment "seriously pigged out" LOL LOL LOL

  10. Wow, I will be right over! This sounds over the top good! BTW, saw your shout out over at Noble Pig~ Happy Memorial Day Lynn, I hope you are grilling up a storm!

  11. Wow, I am making this delicious condiment the next time I make burgers! It has everything to make a burger better. YUM!!


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