Friday, August 26, 2011

Pig Alert!

Beep... beep... beep... We interrupt this blog with breaking news...
Now, I'll be the first to acknowledge that I live in Philly and my total life experience with live pigs 
was passing two potbellied pets on my morning walk years ago... but, seriously???

Terrorize=Create and maintain a state of extreme fear and distress in someone; fill with terror.

I was terrified:
he'd find the kid's wading pool and never leave...
he would eat my garden...
he'd lay on my chihuahua...
my son would fall off his back before I got the picture...
my frisky beagle would fall in love...
we'd never be able to eat all that pork...
that much bacon would clog our arteries...
Uncle Eddie would hear of the pig roast and he'd never leave...

Any more?
Have a happy day:@)

On a serious note, looks like we're in for a nasty weekend here in Philly, as is the whole east coast. Obviously I'm hoping for nothing more than a bunch of rain and some wind. I have called off dinner with my sons on Sunday though, don't need anyone driving in that mess! If you're affected, please be careful.


  1. That my two favorites would get mixed together, chocolate and bacon!

  2. One more: I was terrified you'd reveal it was Earl!!

    Keep Safe.


  3. Lynn,
    Although the sun is out now, the next few days look quite rainy and windy. We were going to travel to the Boston area but will most likely stay put.
    Be safe.

  4. Earl...where are you Earl???
    bad boy bad boy
    whatcha gonna do
    whatcha gonna do when they come for you?
    Stay safe this weekend...
    I'm in southern York County PA
    and I'm hoping for just a rainy weekend and staying in my craft room all day :D

  5. Wonder if the pig had a shirt on? Because all the criminals on Cops are shirtless. Seriously though, I'd be terrified that I would fall in love with the thing and it would want to live in my house.

  6. Stay safe Lynn! Stock up and don't forget the wine!

  7. I would have liked to have seen that episode of Cops! Please be safe, and I am praying it is not as bad as they are predicting. xo,

  8. I have a SIL named Irene so I hope it won't be bad for you guys. Earl would never terrorize anyone. Joni

  9. Be careful with Earl and be careful of Irene!

  10. A pig terrorizing the neighborhood... can you hear the cops talking about that around the water cooler!!!

    Stay safe!

  11. One incident involving the police and the poor pig gets a bad reputation forever.
    1. pig in a pool...pre wash
    2. pig eats garden...healthy pig
    3. pig lays on dog...get a bigger dog
    4. picture of kid lying in pig poop...priceless
    5. pigs need lovin too
    6. food bank
    7. bacon freezes great
    8. you are on your own with this one.

    (re#3...just kidding people, don't send me hate mail)

  12. well, if he's a feral hog, you're in trouble! :)

    good luck with the weather, dearie!

  13. Your post is hilarious and the comments are so funny too! I can't top 'em. Please be careful this weekend...I'll pray for a mild storm.

  14. I'll be thinking of you this weekend and hoping the storm passes by without injury or damage. Bad weather and terrorist pigs...what a weekend.

  15. Stay safe! Keep Earl away from the TV, this might give him ideas....tell him he is famous enough already!

  16. Just shoot the porker and have a hog roast! Woooo Hoooo, Free food!!

  17. Hope Irene doesn't terrorize you too much. Stay safe!

  18. Thanks for the laugh, and I hope the rain is good to y'all...just enough and not too much.

  19. Seriously? I wish I would have seen that show :) I'm glad you called off dinner on Sunday and hope all you get is rain.

  20. Oh no! Was Earl caught by the cops? is he in the Big Smokehouse?
    I hope y'all stay safe through this upcoming storm!

  21. Looks like a big one, L! Keep your bacon dry! Hope we make here on LI! I am getting emails from college friends wishing me luck! I guess it is on the news all over .

  22. You my friend are too funny!! That was hilarious!!
    Please take care and be safe this weekend!!

  23. Hope you didn't let Earl watch that- it might give him ideas! Y'all stay safe and dry- we're battening down the hatches in VA too! :)

  24. You stay safe sweet lady. I am not sure how close you are to the coast. If you are in a coastal area please leave and go inland.
    I stayed during one hurricane and evacuated for two. When you stay in one you leave ever after. Grab Earl by the tail and high tail it!
    My prayers are with you and all who may be in harm's way.
    Hugs, Ginger

  25. Love this! Thanks for a smile and laught today. I needed it! You are so clever!!

  26. Have you read Animal Farm? You'd better watch out!

    Blessings, Debbie

  27. Stay safe!! We here in Northeast Pa. are battening down the hatches!!


  28. If you ever meet up with an angry sow..yeah, it's terror!!!

  29. Ha!Ha!Ha! I love a good piggy story! Be safe in the midst of the storm please. Anne

  30. I love this post!! I just came across your blog through Julie's blog ( Looking forward to reading more of your entries...



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