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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Move Over Jim Cantore!

Earl signed up for a correspondence course on meteorology he found on the back of a book of matches. He also just got his wet weather gear from Columbia Sporting Goods... looks like it was from their lunchroom.
That's right everyone, Earl will be reporting on how hurricane Irene is impacting folks north of Philly.
He'll post an hourly update as long as we have electricity.
It's Earl's dream that the Weather Channel notices and starts the series:
That Pig In That Place or A Swine For All Seasons.

 He's all smiles now, we'll see how long that lasts when the rain and winds start!
6AM-it's still dry and not windy at all yet. We expect the worst of it tonight.
7AM-dry everywhere except inside this rain gear... and they say pigs don't sweat!
8AM-who decided we needed to be out here this early??? Let's go get some breakfast,
I'll be back when there's something to report folks!
1PM-Still dry folks, glad I brought a deck of cards...
2PM-It has started to rain, no winds yet.
3PM-Steady, light rain with occasional wind bursts. I could use a chair and Diet Pepsi right about now...
4PM-Wet, Windy and Wild!!!
Jim, your job is safe, you da man! I need a hot shower and my jammies.
Stay safe and have a happy day:@)


  1. Oh darn, that Earl is the cutest and I love his raingear...such a fancy kinda oinker!

    I've been up since 4:00 am. listening to Irene howl and carry on. I can hear brances and pinecones hitting the roof and every now and then a few things that go bump in the night!
    It's frightening, especially when you cannot see what's going on in the dark. We didn't sleep well at all, just worrying about what might be waiting for us in the moring. But, the good news is that we are safe.
    I don't think she's done yet, but I sure hope we have taken some of the fizzle out of her so she won't be so hard on the northeast.

    That Earl is a brave little dude.


  2. SO glad they had rain gear in pig size!

  3. So glad Earl is all protected. Make sure you are too!

  4. I hope Earl doesn't go flying! I am counting on his accurate forecast! Let's hope for the best!

  5. Hunker down, Earl, and stay safe! You may soon truly be happier than a pig in mud... lots and lots of mud.

  6. Oh, you and Earl are too much! Love his rain gear even if it did come from a leftover lunch! The man knows how to dress to be dapper!

    I hope it is not too bad for the two of you! Keep each other safe.

  7. Grand idea!! Please tell me Earl isn't really a bar of soap.

  8. Glad Earl is going to keep us up to date on Irene. He may need a bit more rain gear though to brave the elements. Stay safe!

  9. That Earl is one brave pig, worthy of his own FB page and Twitter feed! It made me smile this am and believe me, I am not feeling particularly cheerful! As long as I have power and cable I will post on my blog, but I am not too hopeful. Back to praying....

  10. Thanks for the update Earl! I be checking back in!

  11. Well done Earl! BTW you got up way before I did.

  12. Earl should have plenty of mud to be happy in once Irene has left her mark! Y'all keep safe and dry! :)

  13. I am so worried for Earl. I don't think he has enough experience to weather the storm! Talk him back into the house! I'll be back to check in.

  14. Somehow, I just knew Earl would be out there in the thick of things!!! Stay safe...hugs...cleo

  15. I'm looking forward to Earl's weather reports! Love his wet-weather gear!!!!

  16. Earl is my favorite weather guy for sure! Keep safe and I'll check back later!

  17. Well, I HAVE been staying tuned to FOX NEWS on tv for the storm alerts but I like the looks of EARL, THE WEATHER SWINE much much, I am staying tuned to that curly tail.
    xoxo bj

  18. Earl is the cutest darn weather reporter I have ever seen!! LOL!!
    Irene is expected to hit us here in NEPA in the night time hours. I will be at work...

    Stay safe!!


  19. A pig in a poke....that Earl, what a real clown!

  20. Beautiful blog!
    I love your presentation of dishes.
    I have added to your followers.
    If you want, come and visit me, you're welcome

  21. Glad Earl is the one outside and not us cause ight now it's really pouring down and blowing hard on the VA eastern shore. Grenville is providing regular updates on our blog if Earl want to drop in.

  22. You and Earl make a great team!! Too funny. Prayers to everyone experiencing the effects of the hurricane. Stay safe!

  23. She isn't here yet, tomorrow morning!
    Who is Jim Cantore? Local weather man?
    We are watching the same station as BJ. They have a reporter standing on our beach. Nuts!

  24. Cute post! Thanks for the update Earl! Stay safe!

  25. My prayers are with all of you in the path of that nasty Irene! But you have a sweet sense of humor! Poor little piggy getting all rained on! :(

  26. I hope Earl got a hot shower and a rub down before he got his jammies on. He did a great job of reporting.

  27. Great job Earl! You're hired!

    Stay safe!

  28. Hope you take good care of Earl when he gets inside!

  29. Seems Earl's forecast is 100% accurate. We could use him down her in Louisiana. He would get a lot of experience. Love him.

  30. You are so funny! My husband and I have a running gag about Jim Cantore. But did you notice today that Jim has really been working out and looked buff? Earl might want to "beef up" instead of porking out! You know it's going to be a bad day when Jim Cantore comes into your neighborhood.

  31. Hello Lynn,
    Earl is a brave pig. He looks so great with his rain gear and umbrella when it was wet and wild. Made me smile. I hope, you all stay safe and Earl get his shower and jammies.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  32. hhahahahahaha!! Earl is the shiznit! Love it.
    Hope that you are safe and dry.
    Have a great sunday

  33. You are too funny! Hoping you came through this storm is good shape!!

  34. Poor, poor Earl. Abuse! Pig abuse!!!! I hope the poor little guy weathered the storm OK.

  35. I absolutely love this!!! Why have I not found you before? As soon as I finish here, I'm SOOO pushing your Follow button!

    Earl is adorable, and very brave.

  36. So funny! That's "some pig," as Charlotte would say. ;)


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