Saturday, May 25, 2024

Grilling Season! Pineapple Marinade, BBQ Sauce Pineapple Slices & Pina Colada Carrot Salad

I thought we'd kick of grilling season with a little round-up of pineapple recipes, sound good? Good:@) Let's pick up a can of sliced pineapple and use the juice in this three ingredient Pineapple Marinade for Chicken or Pork. It's a quick marinade that's a little sweet, a little savory. It's good for kabobs or bigger pieces of meat.

As for the slices, let's grill them too... This Savory Grilled Pineapple with BBQ Sauce makes a great side dish that's a little unexpected. Simply use your favorite bar-b-que sauce. Even if you opt out of the sauce, toss some slices on the grill to get a nice char. Good stuff folks!

If you happen to reserve a slice or two, dice it and add it to this Pina Colada Carrot Salad for a refreshing side dish:@) This salad would be perfect with any grilled meal, and is extra easy if you start with store bought shredded carrot. 

And I'm still lovin' this Pineapple Coconut Water at Walmart
splash of rum optional:@)

🍍Let's Fire Up the Grill and,
Have a Great Weekend:@)


  1. Those kabobs look great!!! I'd have to eat all the pineapple, but I'd be just fine with that!

  2. I need to fix those kabobs, Lynn, and I love grilled pineapple. I’ve had that Walmart drink and it is really tasty.


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