Monday, May 27, 2024

Simple Sloppy Chili -Three Ingredients with Options...

Once again I'm using Dollar Tree for inspiration, and it led to this Sloppy Chili... They had cans of Sloppy Joe Sauce, as well as pinto beans. So I cooked up some ground beef, drained the beans, tossed in the sauce and wa-la, lunch was served:@) I purposely kept this super simple, but there are tons of options... G-Mom-B would never serve Sloppy Joes without adding onion and green pepper while the beef cooked. One can of sauce is more than enough for one pound of beef and one 15 oz can of beans. Or if you want to cut back on the meat, maybe 1/2 lb beef and 28 oz beans. Feeding a crowd (or hungry teenage boys...) stretch it to 1 lb meat and 28 oz beans. Have an extra hotdog or two from the grill out? Yep, slice and toss it in too. How about all vegetarian, use all beans. And as soon as the gardens start producing... Maybe add in some diced zucchini as well. Lots-of-options...
Cooking for One Tip: Since I live alone I like to keep Walmart's Sam's Club Black Angus Burgers in the freezer. I use them as ground beef for anything, it's easy to cook and crumble a burger, but we can't turn a frozen pound of ground beef into burgers:@)

Simple Sloppy Chili
Up to 1 lb ground beef
Up to 28 oz canned pinto beans, drained & rinsed
14.5-15 oz can Sloppy Joe Sauce
~Cook beef, drain fat, add beans and sauce, heat through.

Eat well and Have a Happy Day:@)


  1. At this stage of my life, I LOVE easy dinner recipes. The easier, the better and this chili is a winner!

  2. I like your Dollar Tree ideas, Lynn, and using the Angus Burgers. That’s a simple and filling recipe!


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