Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Dollar Tree Holiday Ideas: Stuffed Marshmallows, Gift Basket Fillers & Barbie...

I thought I'd share some Christmas items and gift ideas from Dollar Tree... These Decorated Stuffed Marshmallows were made using store bought chocolate stuffed marshmallows, they also had cookie stuffed marshmallows. I used Christmas sprinkles, but this works for any occasion, and of course they can be made in team colors too:@) There were 12 marshmallows in my bag, I simply microwaved some candy melts, dipped the marshmallow in the chocolate, then rolled them in sprinkles.

The marshmallows I bought:

Are you putting together a gift basket, or looking for foodie stocking stuffers? I think we're all familiar with Harry & David, I love that DT has a pack of four K-Cups in their hazelnut, praline and cinnamon flavor. There are also bags of ground coffee, and espresso beans are quite the treat... These even come in a dark chocolate variety. These beans would be a nice inexpensive option for cake or cupcake decorating too. 

Speaking of cakes,

Gathering items for a charcuterie gift, or need something fun for your own tray? They have tapenades (and more here), olives, pickles, and some flavored mustards:

And I'll leave you with something for the little ones... If your girl has Barbie there's a chance she has the smaller 6" Chelsea doll too. DT has four different outfits that do fit Chelsea, and they come with shoes and accessories. That's $5 that will keep the kids busy for a while folks:@)

All four fashions:
Not Mattel quality, but still super cute!

🎄Grab it when you see it, and
Have a Happy Day:@)


  1. Gosh, Lynn. You are absolutely cool to share these with us. I never go down the food aisles at DT. In fact I go in with a list and. blinders on now...LOL, because I have too much to deal with at home. I will look next time though, and the doll clothes are perfect, they don't make enough clothes for those dolls! Hugs, Sandi

  2. Thank you so much for posting this. I'm finished with the donations for 2023 but hunting up stuff for 2024 and while I've found accessories for Chelsea at the Dollar Store I've never found clothing. I've got trips to 2 local stores to restock this week so I'll be looking for these. Thanks for the heads up.

  3. You find the best stuff at Dollar Tree, Lynn, and I appreciate you sharing the finds with us.


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