Monday, December 16, 2019

Colorful Icing Filled Spritz Sandwich Cookies -For Christmas, Any Holiday or... Any Day

This is just a fun little idea to add an extra pop of color to your Christmas cookie tray... These Spritz Sandwich Cookies with Icing Filling couldn't be easier and really turned out cute:@) I baked up a batch of cookies and then added vibrant red store bought cake icing to the flat side, and stuck two cookies together. I used a cookie disc that created a hole in the center so you can see the red color. For prettiest presentation... Be sure to wipe your fingers often, the red icing quickly stains the tops of the cookies:@) Also be sure to add enough icing so that it can be seen between the cookies. One container of icing is plenty for ~approximately~ two batches of cookies.

Another tip, if you've ever sprinkled little nonpareils on spritz you know they can bounce all over the place. 
Sometimes I mix them right into the batter instead. It works best to stir them in right before you fill the cookie press.

  1. Use your favorite vanilla, almond or peppermint spritz recipe, my Pig In Mud Spritz Pinterest board is here.
  2. Bake and cool cookies.
  3. Place icing in disposable decorator icing bag, snip tip off. Press generous amount of icing onto flat side of cookie, make sure to cover hole with a little icing. (Or spread icing on cookies with butter knife.)
  4. Place flat side of a second cookie over icing and gently press the two cookies together allowing icing to show between sides.
Enjoy a cookie and have a Happy Holiday Season🎅

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  1. These are too cute Lynn~ I'm sure they're yummy too!

  2. Adorable cookies Lynn, love them as sandwiches with the pretty red frosting! ♥

  3. The cookies look so festive, and I love the idea of adding the sprinkles to the batter!!! Frosting between the cookies gives double the yumminess. I also like the disc shape. My press is hard to use, and sometimes requires two hands to squeeze it. I may be needing a new one.
    Happy baking, Lynn!

  4. I love spritz cookies but have never sandwiched them before. What a great idea.

  5. I love these with the sprinkles mixed in! And my family would definitely approve of a cookie sandwich!!!

  6. Thank you for all your posts during the year. I really enjoy them. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you!

  7. I always love seeing your spritz recipes, Lynn! Love the sandwich idea! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your sons!!!

  8. Good Morning, Lynn! Oh how I have missed stopping by to visit. Sitting here at my desk these last days of December trying to arrange my daily schedule so I have time to do some fun stuff like visit great places like here. Great time perusing your latest posts. I love the idea of stirring the sprinkles into the dough just before baking. Those little rascals rolling everywhere is annoying.

    Sending wishes for a Happy New Year! XOXO


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