Monday, October 2, 2023

Guy Kabobs, aka Tailgating on a Stick -Easy Meat Football Appetizer

Ok, I admit I'm channeling my silly side here, but I do have to say, these Guy Kabobs, aka Tailgating on a Stick, would be the perfect appy for a football party or tailgating any sports event. In my experience, guys don't tend to gravitate towards the veggie tray, I'm just sayin'... So I thought we'd make a little meat skewer that's easy finger food, and gives everyone a taste of all of our grilled favorites. And the best part, we're using all pre-cooked meats that only need to be heated up in the oven, in a skillet, or quickly tossed on to the grill... No room for error. We like that:@) I actually used my George Foreman Grill today. My best suggestion: Do yourself a favor and add more pepperoni, yep, trust me and just add more pepperoni, it was my favorite bite...

If you line all of the meats up in the same order you can easily run a line of condiment over each different meat. I like to pool a little on each end of the platter so folks can dip the skewer into more while picking it up if they'd like to. I'd also put the bottles out for an extra squirt too. I used BBQ on the kielbasa, ketchup on the meatballs, and mustard on the hotdogs. You know what your crowd likes...
Want to be a little fancier, or make more of an appetizer size? Make mini kabobs, maybe three pieces of meat on each. 

Guy Kabobs-aka Tailgating on a Stick
Frozen meatballs, thawed
Hotdogs or cocktail franks, if hotdogs cut into 4 pieces
Smoked sausage or kielbasa
Pepperoni slices, about 1/4" thick-lots of pepperoni...
  • Alternately skewer meat, cook or grill until charred and heated through. Serve with condiments of choice.
⚾🏈On game day, anything goes...
Have a Happy Day:@)

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