Tuesday, October 3, 2023

State Shaped Charcuterie/Cutting Board-Christmas Gift Alert!

If you're looking for something that's different and unique for a gift, and yes folks, in addition to year-round special occasions, the holidays are coming...  HSN.com has the newest iteration of these Bamboo State Shaped Cutting or Charcuterie Boards. And quite honestly, they'd just look great as a decoration too. It's a cute couple gift, great for folks that have relocated, and ~fabulous~ for those of us that just love where we live (shout out to PA:@) This one has a full color scene, a plain bamboo working surface on the back, and since it's the newest version, has the most state options available.

The first one I saw is called the Destination Board, and it has sold out of some states, you'll need to go on-line to see if your choice is still available. Love that the wood burning shows major cities and state icons:@)

I thought it might be fun to share ideas and shout out things I see that I think would make great gifts as we approach the holidays. These will be random, any day of the week posts. Hope it helps someone cross a thing or two off their list!

Have a Happy Day:@)

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