Saturday, August 14, 2021

Saturday ReView: Freezer Pickles, Salty/Garlicy/Sweet, Garden Update & Barbie's Tiki Bar Renovation

Is your garden beginning to wind down? While my planters are still producing, I can see signs of the end of season. With the exception of summer squash, which I lost early on to squash beetles, this has been a very productive year for my veggies. If you're lucky enough to have an abundance of cucumbers, may I suggest tucking some of these Freezer Pickles away for a nice little treat later in the year. This particular recipe leans more towards a garlic pickle (a dill version can be found here), but you will notice everything mentioned in the title-very nice! Use any pepper you have available, just seems like I always have jalapenos around:@)

Quick pic of the planters from today:
From left to right:
Geranium, string beans which are almost done, sitting on trash day chair that I stapled an old garden flag to:@)
No-heat jalapenos (trellis is another trash day rescue), begonia, mixed flowers I planted after my squash died.
Next harvest of green beans, third pot of newest string bean seeds just sprouting, disappointing hibiscus...
My new rosemary which will be transplanted to a bigger pot soon and moved for over wintering down the road. 

And my portulaca tower, which I've been happy with all season!
Note to portulaca growers... 
Please, please, please, separate the red and white, they would sell like crazy!!!

And in Barbie's world...
I did a makeover of a cute Chelsea tiki bar and Barbie took an end of summer vacation:@)
Not too much, just added some blocks for height,
 and a Dollar Tree hula skirt to the thatched roof and front.
Some battery operated LED wire lights (Christmas clearance) add a little party ambience.

Whether the tiki bar of your dreams is on an island paradise, 
at the shore, lake front, or in your own backyard...
We wish you a cool place to hang out for these last few weeks of summer😉
🌴Make something just for fun and have a happy day!


  1. Your garden looks beautiful!! And I love Barbie and the tiki bar, so cute!!

  2. Your patio planters look fabulous, Lynn! It’s all so colorful. I love how you save things from the trash repurpose them. I’d love to try the pickles.


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