Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Gardening Thoughts 2021 -And Portulaca Tower

Every year as we begin to look forward to warmer weather I kick around the idea of gardening... Do I want to build an inground garden again or stick with the planter gardening I've been doing for years now. I keep going back and forth, but do like the ease of the planters, especially when it comes to watering. The pots with extra yummy plants to rabbits, peas, spinach and string beans, are put on an old picnic table bench I found on the curb one trash day, tomatoes and rosemary can be placed right on the ground. 

Dollar Tree had these stacking planters early in the season, they sell out fast! Because they can can tolerate heat and dry soil well, ~and~ I would love a big riot of color, I planted some portulaca:@) Picked up two 4-packs and split each in half to fill the 15 spots in the pot, plus one for the very center on top. We'll see how they grow, at this time only the yellow flowers were blooming. I'll post periodic updates this summer. These pictures are from 5/1/21.
The slate Lynn's Garden sign was a gift from one of my son's girlfriends...
Ashley, if you still check the blog periodically, thank you:@)

I also have a large planter with squash and cucumbers on the other side of the patio.

Believe and have a happy day:@)


  1. I do all of my veggies in pots too Lynn. It's so easy and you can move the pots around too. I love the multiple pots you purchase at Dollar Tree! I'm having trouble again with the squirrels digging up my flowers. I put hot pepper flakes around the flowers and I'll see how that works out. I can't wait to see your updates on the gardening.

  2. Love the stacking planters! And your garden sign is so cute, Happy Growing Lynn!

  3. Oh man, I missed seeing those stacking planters at my Dollar Tree! I love it, Lynn. It’s going to be fun to see how it fills out over the summer.

  4. Such a cute stacking planter Lynn! I like that your veggies and flowers are safe from the bunnies that way. I love your sign too ♥


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