Monday, February 1, 2021

Sweetened Giardiniera -Two Ingredient Doctored Store Bought & a new kitchen toy

I've been on an olive and pickles kick and a jar of giardiniera caught my attention at the store. Now, as much as I love vinegar, I wasn't expecting those veggies to be flavored with nothing more than white vinegar and salt! So I decided to try adding some sugar like I did with these Candied Jalapenos. I didn't want the giardiniera candied, just to have the vinegar tamed a bit and the veggies taste sweeter. Wa-la, Sweetened Giardiniera! This is a very nice side dish, especially with a hearty sandwich, or it would be a great addition to a charcuterie board, or cheese and crackers tray:@) 
2/16/21 Update: Love this stuff!!!

Wanted to share a fun little gadget for pickle and olive lovers...

Sweetened Giardiniera
16 oz jar of Giardiniera
1/4 C sugar
  • Remove a veggie or two so you can add the sugar to the jar. Cover tightly and shake the jar to start to dissolve sugar. Place jar in bowl, set in refrigerator and turn jar over once or twice a day for a week or two.
Eat well and have a happy day:@)


  1. I had never thought to add a little sweetness to offset the vinegar taste
    I also love the pickle grabber.

  2. You’re one smart cookie, Lynn, in adding the sugar and finding that helpful gadget!


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