Monday, August 17, 2020

Slow Cooker Corn Pudding -Jiffy Mix

This Slow Cooker Corn Pudding is an easy side dish that would be perfect with BBQ pork, and if you want to plan ahead a bit, it would make a great holiday side dish too! I love that in the summer you don't need to heat up the oven, and at the holidays it frees up the oven:@) And this is actually a perfect Crock Pot recipe, it cooks up nicely and remains moist. The recipe calls for a 3-4 quart slow cooker, I wanted to use my 2.5 qt casserole CP, well... It did puff up and touch the top of the towel I placed under the lid to catch condensation. So, you may want to use a larger slow cooker.

  1. Use a liner for super easy clean-up. The liners may actually be the real reason I've been enamored with slow cookers lately...
  2. I read a fantastic tip on Recipes That Crock... All slow cookers have hot spots, so turn your vessel every so often. If you have a round vessel, give it quarter turns, I simply took my oval out, turned it around and put it back in the opposite way. 
  3. My best suggestion: It's always a good idea to make a test batch to see exactly how long it will take to cook, especially if this will be a special holiday side dish:@)

I'll list what I did, you can click the original link for Betty Crocker's directions.

Slow Cooker Corn Pudding-adapted from Betty Crocker

14.5 oz can sweet creamed corn
14.5 oz can corn, drained
Box of Jiffy Mix
1 C sour cream
1/4 C butter, melted-I used 2 Tblsp butter, 2 Tblsp water
1 egg
1 C shredded cheese, either cheddar or pepper jack-I used pepper jack

  1. Mix everything, add to vessel (I used a liner, spray well first if not using a liner). 
  2. Turn to high, cover. After one hour, remove lid, wipe off condensation, place paper towels or dish towel under lid. I also rotated the vessel. I did this after every hour.
  3. Cook for 2-4 hours on high... My 2.5 casserole Crock Pot took 3 hours and 15 minutes.

Eat well and have a happy day:@)

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  1. This is an interesting way to make the corn pudding in the slow cooker. This would also make a great side for Thanksgiving. Thanks for sharing the recipe Lynn.

  2. This sounds wonderful Lynn, I will definitely be making this soon!

  3. I have one of those 3 crock slow cookers and use it for our Christmas brunch each year. I am bookmarking this and adding it to the menu to replace our traditional cheese grits for this year. Thanks!

  4. I love corn pudding and this sounds like a great idea for the slow cooker. I've never tried the liners, but I need to pick some up. Thanks for the tip on rotating.


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