Saturday, November 2, 2019

Dollar Tree Alert!!! Cake Boss Cake Kits

I saw several Cake Boss Kits at Dollar Tree this morning... The kits are loaded with goodies and the cookie cutters/plunger cutters can be used with fondant, a sturdy sugar cookie dough or with pie crust. If you know a budding cake decorator or someone just getting started baking, a few of these kits would be a fun gift (and... Christmas is coming folks, just sayin'). The kit I picked up:

Everything in the kit for $1:
Some of the other sets I saw-


And princess plunger cutters:

Just wanted to share a fun find-
12/8/19 Update: I'm in Philadelphia, don't know what other cities might have had them.
I can say they did sell out quickly here.
Have a great weekend!


  1. What great kits at DT and a perfect gift for a baker!

  2. Thanks Lynn! Two of my granddaughters would love this. I’ll go there tomorrow morning.

  3. Oh em gee. what a bargain! I was just in DT yesterday, I'm going to pop back in and see they have any more.

  4. Which dollar tree store has cake boss items in middle Georgia,?

  5. Where are they in portland oregon ?


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