Saturday, November 18, 2017

Saturday Snippets-Scottie Cookie Jar, Junkin' Turkey Candle Holder and Cranberry Tangerine Chutney

"Calling all Scottie lovers"... I just had to share this, Walmart has the cutest Scottie cookie jar for Christmas this year, it's a great size and believe me, the pic doesn't do it justice! In store purchase only.

I had so much fun at the thrift store a couple weeks ago, I found this little Yankee Candle turkey tea light holder the same day I found the vintage cookie press. I was silly and carried around so many things I had to talk myself into putting some back. Can you relate? Ugh...

Tom has been roosting in my tiered tray the whole month of November.

If you want to make something really special, it's not too late to whip up this amazing Cranberry Tangerine Chutney HERE. It will last until Thursday (and way beyond) in the fridge or you could water bath can it to have some for Christmas too (or gifts). There are many ways to enjoy this cranberry sauce folks, it's great for everything from appy to turkey side dish. The recipe is easily cut in half if desired.

It's time to get our gobble on... Ferrero Rocher Turkeys HERE.

Don't forget to start thawing your turkey!
Happy Thanksgiving Week everyone:@)


  1. Isn't it a little early to start thawing a turkey? Does it really take five days in the refrigerator to thaw?

  2. Happy Thanksgiving week Lynn! That chutney sounds amazing, and I'm going to let a friend know about the adorable Scottie Cookie jar.

  3. The turkey tea light holder is ADORABLE! And no, mlaiuppa, it isn't too early to start refrigerator thawing a turkey! I had a 21-pounder that, after 5 days in the fridge, was still 98% rock solid! I had to cold-water-thaw it for 24 hours in addition before I could get the darn thing ready for cooking. I am feeling somewhat unkindly towards frozen turkeys right now.

    Lynn I love your site and all your spritz cookie recipes. Before you, I thought spritz could only come in one (dull and boring) flavor and were meant only for the holidays. Thanks for opening my eyes; we now enjoy many delicious flavors of spritz cookies all year long due to you!

    1. You can tell I’ve never thawed a frozen turkey. It’s pretty bad when you have to start thawing your Thanksgiving Dinner right after Halloween.

      I have a cute little turkey about that size too, but it was a little floral vase planter I got at Walter Andersons. When the fresh flowers died, I took out the foam, but there are no drain holes so I put in new foam and used Autumn silk flowers to make a permanent arrangement. I get it out every year to enjoy.

      I am loving all of the different spritz cookie recipes too. We usually only do the plain vanilla recipe heavy on the butter. I think I may get more adventurous now.

  4. You went back!

    There was one Scotty before. Now there are two. I can see them on the Walmart shelves. So. You went back? Did you go back because you bought one of the Scotty cookie jars? (Because they are really cute.)

    1. Ha, ha, I didn't get one. But... The original pic wasn't showing up in the feed, so I took my camera and corrected that:@) Have a nice weekend!

  5. That chutney is gorgeous! Love the cookie jar, Michael Lee needs one!

  6. I just bought one of those Scottie Dog cookie jars for my DD yesterday! GMTA.
    Your little turkey is darling & the cranberry/orange chutney looks yummy. DD makes one that is more JellO like. I think I'd like to try yours.
    My 20# turkey is thawing in the garage least I HOPE it is thawing!!
    Have a Happy Thanksgiving, Lynne & thanks for all the delicious recipes you share all year long.

  7. Michael Lee needs that cookie jar, and so does Denise! Your Tom Turkey is so cute and must put a smile on your face. Happy weekend, Lynn!

  8. Adorable cookie jars and turkey tea light Lynn! I see I'm not the only that immediately thought of Michael Lee :) Your chutney looks delicious!


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