Thursday, September 8, 2016

Philadelphia Eagles Charm Bracelet Update

With the season officially kicking off tonight I thought I'd share an update of my Philadelphia Eagles Charm Bracelet. I've had a blast collecting charms and at this point it's full enough that additions will be more for fun than to fill it out. I'll start off with my favorite charm, this is a 3D eagle that doesn't have anything to do with football but happens to kinda look like our mascot Swoop:@) I found him on Etsy.

I started with a bracelet from Rally House that had five charms on it HERE.

 And have since picked things up at Michaels, Walmart, JoAnn Fabric, a thift store, Etsy and Ebay.
The flying eagle is a wink and nod to the previous logo:@)

 I've proudly added The American Flag, and the Liberty Bell to represent Philadelphia.
A four leaf clover for luck never hurts...

The cheerleaders were the first addition I made and they still crack me up!
Assorted bits, bobs and bling...

 I'm cheering my team on and wishing for a good season!

 My Sunday finery...

Here's hoping your team wins... Unless they're playing mine of course:@)
Happy football season everyone!


  1. wow, you've got it PACKED! yup, i like the eagle, too.

  2. It really does look fabulous! And you KNOW I am green with envy! I need to get serious about one too. (but you know we won't be competing for charms...since I'm a Cowboy fan! heehee!) Hugs!

  3. I'll second your comment---wishing good luck to your Eagles unless they're playing the Packers or the Colts :)

  4. What a fun way to enjoy your Eagles! I still have my charm bracelet from when I was a child. Love charms!!!

  5. What fun you've had adding to this bracelet! Love it!

  6. This is so over the top cute and fun Lynn, you have found some really great charms! I've started looking on etsy more and more, lots of treasures there! Good luck this season!

  7. Your charm bracelet is looking so full of good luck, Lynn! Here's hoping you have a great football year!

  8. Fabulous.

    I love charm bracelets.

    I have quite a few. I've got one ready to put together with charms representing my last trip.

    When the Hunger Games books came out, I gathered charms representing important points in the books.

    You might want to add a safety chain, just to make sure you don't lose it.

  9. I love all the fun additions to your charm bracelet Lynn, especially the flag, Liberty Bell & clover! Your new eagle charm is a beauty. Wishing your team luck today :)


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