Wednesday, September 7, 2016

15 Minute Pressure Cooker Macaroni and Cheese-for one or a group

I had to try this 15 Minute Pressure Cooker Macaroni and Cheese, mostly because I was curious about it:@) It's nice and creamy and is something I would make for a quick side dish (read: great after school snack). One thing though, it's written up to "serve immediately"... It does not reheat well. So make it and enjoy it in one sitting folks, I think you'll be happy. If you're new to using a pressure cooker I recommend reading this list of FAQ's HERE.
Since I made this for myself I used half whole wheat macaroni and added some diced jalapeno to the pot before I cooked the pasta. If you want to make this a full meal toss some diced ham into the PC with the noodles and after it's done cooking add defrosted frozen peas.

I'm going to post how I made this one piggy size serving for myself and you can click the link HERE to see how he makes a full pound of pasta.

Pressure Cooker Macaroni and Cheese for One-adapted from Dad Cooks Dinner
1/2 C macaroni
1 tsp butter
1/2 tsp yellow mustard
2 light shakes hot sauce
1/4 tsp salt
1/2 C water
diced jalapeno-optional
1/3 C Half and Half
1/2 C cheddar cheese, shredded
1 Tblsp grated Parmesan
  1. Add macaroni, butter, mustard, hot sauce, salt and water (and 'peno if using) to vessel. Cook at high pressure for 4 minutes. Use quick release.
  2. Add everything else and turn on brown function. Stir constantly and watch very carefully, as soon as the pot heats up, you see steam and the cheese begins to melt-turn off the brown function.
  3. Stir everything well until cheese is fully melted and serve immediately.
Eat well and have a happy day:@)


  1. That seems like a lot of trouble for 1, I would get lazy and get the individual Stouffer's Mac & Cheese :)

  2. Reading this I see no reason to use a pressure cooker. It doesn't save that much time if you're going to finish it off on the stove. I have a regular pressure cooker, no browning function, so I might just as well make the entire thing on the stove top in a regular pot.

  3. I've been reading about this and wanting to try. Interesting it doesn't reheat well. I'm not good at judging two servings, so that should be interesting. Have a great week.


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