Saturday, May 2, 2015

Kentucky Derby-Friendly Betting Pool

If you're having a little get together for the Kentucky Derby today, here's a super simple bet sheet to add to the excitement of the race. The idea is folks put their name in a block, then you pull numbers (0-9) out of a hat (the fancier and more extravagant the hat the better:@), and you put the numbers in the post position block as you pull them. If the horse that comes out of the #2 or 12 post wins, so does the person that has number 2. There are 20 posts for the race, you could number this to 20 if you have that many people interested in participating. And if there are only five people interested, each would get two blocks.


~Of course I'm not encouraging gambling... Whether money is involved or not is up to you-you know your crowd, the prize could be something as simple as a bouquet of roses.

Have a great time today, may your horse win:@)


  1. We'll be watching at post time with our Mint Juleps in hand Lynn! It's always fun to have a friendly wager if only for bragging rights :)

  2. such fun event! It would be fun to host a Kentucky derby party! have a great weekend

  3. I like a friendly betting pool! Have a great day Lynn. xo

  4. This simple betting pool with a fun prize sounds like a great addition to a Kentucky Derby Party, Lynn.
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  5. This is a fun idea Lynn! We always pick the winners by their name...I won a few years ago with "I'll Have Another"...Ha, what does that say about me!! This year I picked lucky # 13 Itsaknockout ... we'll be watching the fun with cocktails and queso, with hats on of course!

  6. too cute. drink a julep for me!

  7. hahhaa..did you have a cute hat to wear today...??


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