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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Chocolate Drizzled Pizzelles

I saw this simple idea at a craft fair recently and loved it! Pizzelles are elevated to an even more festive level with a pretty drizzle of melted chocolate. I think the key is to keep the hole in the icing bag as small as possible, it's the fine drizzle that compliments the delicate cookies. If you have a steady hand (and a lot more patience than me:@) you can trace around the designs in the cookies. I also think colored candy melts might be a fun idea too.
I would run the chocolate off the edges of the cookies with each pass the next time. Placing them on wax paper makes for easy clean-up.

Another thing I do is add nonparallels to the batter, they add little bursts of red and green.
Stir them in right before you start baking the cookies.
And the tip I always share for Pizzelles is, sub 2-3 Tblsp cornstarch for some of the flour, it makes lighter, crisper cookies.
There's a Chocolate Pizzelle recipe here and Vanilla one here.

Remember, Christmas calories don't count and have a happy day:@)


  1. oh, my sweet tooth just kicked in!

  2. I'm very sure it's just my imagination, but I think such drizzled chocolate always tastes better than a regular chocolate bar. Not possible, I know, but it's true LOL. xx

  3. Calories don't count at Christmas? That sure is good to know! YUM! :-)

  4. Thank you for clarifying that Christmas calories don't count!!

  5. I'll be making Pizzelles soon, Lynn, and it trying the cornstarch sub that you like. The addition of drizzled chocolate makes a festive touch and I love the nonpareils for pretty color.

  6. I love the sprinkles in the batter- so pretty!

  7. So pretty. For fun, one year we worked at Wiliiams Sonoma at Christmas time and pizzelle machines sold like crazy that year.

  8. Lynn, A chocolate drizzle makes everything better! Thank heavesn I don't have a pizzelle maker :)

  9. I love the lacy look--not to mention the deliciousness of adding chocolate.


  10. Oooo, YUMMO! I just made pizzelles for the first time in my life, Lynn. I bought the iron that does 4 little circles, but I like the look of yours MUCH better! Very pretty.
    I bet that new Jiff Salted Caramel Hazelnut chocolate spread would be delicious on these, too. Would have to soften it up a bit though, as it doesn't *drizzle*
    Thanks for the idea!!

  11. Your pizzelles look festive, Lynn! I made your football brownie this wknd, it was cute and delicious. I used the Hershey syrup brownie recipe which makes for a rich, fudgy brownie.

  12. I am so glad to know that Christmas calories don't count! These cookies are very tempting with the fine drizzle of chocolate~great tip to use cornstarch for a lighter crisper cookie, thanks Lynn!

  13. LOL about Christmas calories...that's the way I feel about cookie dough calories :) We're rooting for your Eagles tonight...

  14. I don't have a pizzelle maker but I love the idea of the drizzled chocolate topping! You'll have to convince my waistline about those holiday calories :)

  15. I think the drizzled chocolate makes it seem so rich and so beautiful!


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