Saturday, November 22, 2014

DIY Team Ornaments

As time goes on I'm finding more people setting up theme'd trees, whether for each holiday, a favorite sports team or a special event and I love it! I just made these Home Town Team Ornaments as a little extra gift and thought they might be a fun idea for the sports lovers in your life. It's also a great kids craft! Simply push beads onto pipe cleaners (you do have to make sure the holes in the beads are big enough tough), then twist the pipe cleaner at the top and wrap the extra back down the sides to the beads and snip off the excess pipe cleaner. Work it a little so it's round and the beads look neat-done!
These square beads came from Dollar Tree and unfortunately they did not have a red P or H... So the Phillies got left out this time, although I think "just win" sums up how we feel about them nicely:@) (This was literally a last minute idea so I used what I had on-hand. If I had planned it out I would have picked up a pack of beads at JoAnn Fabric that had baseballs and basketballs too.) To make things easier I'd suggest using black lettered beads and adding team colors as the embellishing beads.

You can see more team ornament ideas HERE.

...and HERE.

Have a happy day:@)

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  1. What a cute craft for anyone's favorite team, Lynn. This would be a great activity for kids to do during the game and give out as prizes.
    Happy Weekend!

  2. I am liking your ornaments lots!!! Fly Eagles, fly!

  3. You are always cooking or creating. ;-)
    Wish I had a bit of your energy. Can you send me some?
    Happy Thanksgiving, Lynn.

  4. They are adorable and very retro. They remind me of a similar ID bracelet I had at the hospital when I was born. I still have it somewhere.

    Hope you are having a nice weekend Lynn.

  5. Very cute ideas, Lynn! Thanks for sharing them.

  6. So creative and fun Lynn, they'd make cute napkin rings too for a tailgate table :)

  7. These are adorable Lynn, what a fun thing to wear on game day! I love Mary's idea of napkin rings too! I'm going to make your pretzel crust cookies with red and white M&Ms for our big Iron Bowl game on Saturday~

  8. They could only be made more enjoyable by adding bacon! ;)

  9. So, so cute! We would surely need the N's around here!

  10. These are so cool, Lynn!! I love the sparkly pipe cleaners and the beads -- great idea! :) All your other team-themed ornaments are neat, too. We've got football on right now, as a matter of fact. The teams we pull for aren't doing well this week, except for the Green Bay Packers. I really like to watch them play, and they're having a good season. :)

    Wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving, Lynn, with all your loved ones!!

    Big hugs,

    Denise at Forest Manor


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