Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Not at Halloween! Funny how spiders in general give me the creeps (saw one big enough for Earl to ride yesterday!!!) but I do love them on my Halloween tree:@) Here are some of my eight legged ornies, a few are ~almost~ down right pretty with the beads and glitter... Warning-Flash Alert... ugh.

I made these beaded spiders many years ago, 
they look great on the tree and are some of my favorite ornaments!
 A black and orange version...

Ma brought me some of these scrapbook spiders and -minus the flash- they truly made quick, cute ornaments!

This substantial guy came from Michaels this year, I love that he clips onto the top of the branch and is almost 4" wide.

The glitter bells were 75% off at Big Lots after season last year, there are green and purple ones too.

This clip-on webbed spider has been at Michaels every Halloween for years.
Looks like somebody (something?) has his eyes on the pie!

These little plastic findings can be used as quick embellishments for anything. The crochet flower pattern is HERE.

It's a little hard to see but there's a spider sequin dangling from this simple beaded ball cover.

And I'll leave you with my Bottle Cap Spider Tutorial
These furry little guys would be a great project to make with the kids!

Happy October Everyone, have a great day:@)


  1. The beaded spiders look very glamorous :-). My cat loves spiders, but not for a good reason LOL.

  2. Lynn, I'm the same way about spiders except for Halloween :) Love your collection of arachnids! I never seen a beaded ball cover, what a fun and easy way to transform an ornament.

  3. I don't know what to tell you about the comments. Mine have been not showing up some places too. Don't know why.

    As for the spiders, they are all adorable, and I giggled about the photobomb. Believe it or not, I'm not in the least bit afraid of spiders. I'm such a 'fraidy cat in every other area, but spiders and roaches don't bother me. I just kill them because I don't LIKE them.

  4. In addition to "Charlotte", your spiders are perfectly acceptable!! I especially like the last ones. I've seen some comments from you. Is it happening only on "bloodspot" or on one particular host's blogs?


    1. I was hoping it was just one type of blog but I noticed it on two different ones. Blogger is working fine... very frustrating.

  5. Yeah, these are the only spiders I'd want invading my house as well! Happy October!

  6. You have more fun with your Halloween tree, Lynn. Those are the kind of spiders that I like. I'm not afraid to kill the real ones, unless they're too big! Yikes!
    I don't know what's going on with comments. It's all frustrating to me. On some blogs, my comments are bounced back to my email, saying that they couldn't be delivered. However, they actually show up on the blog.

  7. so very cute! my sis has a deadly fear of spiders, yet she keeps a few 'ornamental' ones in her windows and hanging around her home. :)

  8. Your hands must stay busy all the time either making fun things or cooking up something in the kitchen.

  9. Give me fake fun spiders anytime! Keep me away from any real ones. I do try to act brave thought and teach my kids and grandkids that they are bigger - use your shoe and shoe them who is boss!!
    I did have one jump once as I tried to squash it and that sent me!!

  10. I am no fan of spiders, but yours are the cutest, bling bling sporting group of creepies ever! You amaze me with all the things you come up with! My favorite is the one being photo bombed :)

  11. I have arachnophobia! I was bitten by a Brown Recluse when I was in my early twenties. The occasion sent me to the hospital for over a week and months of healing. Spiders are not my favorite decor. ;-)
    That said, your ornaments are clever and cute, Lynn.

  12. Your Halloween ornies are just precious...really cute.
    I hate spiders with a passion but not Halloween ones. :)

  13. Jeweled spiders are the best kind of spiders. Living all your beauties. Your package was mailed priority this morning. Halloween hugs!!

  14. Wow I love your ornaments, the beaded spider and beaded ball cover are my favorite!

  15. Your spiders are so fun, Lynn. All your creations are. :)


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