Friday, September 5, 2014

A Fun Souvenir! Week One of my Personal PIGskin Challenge

It's Year Five of my Personal PIGskin Challenge, where each week during football season I post something football related, it can be a recipe, craft, gift idea or themed item like a logo'd serving dish, etc. Let's kick off this year by dreaming big!

My son went to Las Vegas and brought me back A Really Fun Souvenir. I asked him to drop $10 on the Eagles winning the Super Bowl! Now, technically, for this to be a really-really fun souvenir they would actually have to win the Super Bowl... But I'm thrilled that he thought of his crazy Mom while on vacation and got me the ticket:@)
 The payout would will be $280-ish...
And if they happen to not win the Super Bowl?
I think I'll somehow turn part of it into an ornament for my football feather tree:@)

Have a happy day, oh and... Go Eagles! 


  1. Too fun Lynn! I just sampling some of you pigskin apps and thinking of helping myself to a slice of Eagles Pie on your sidebar :)

  2. hahhaa, too cute, Lynn. I want to go back to Vegas and this time, I'll go to that pawn shop that's on tv so much.

  3. What a fun idea! You know who would love this same souvenir with a different team. But after last night, I think the odds are NOT in his favor!

  4. I hope they win, but either way it will look fantastic in your tree! X

  5. Go Eagles! I love your football season tradition! Now that there's a tenner riding on it, I will be rooting even harder!

  6. Good luck, Lynn, and that was sweet of your son to think of you.
    Happy weekend!

  7. Lynn, I love it and it would be a great ornament if they don't win!

  8. I love your pigskin challenge! You add to the excitement of football season!

  9. That would be pretty exciting if they win! Good luck :-)


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