Monday, July 21, 2014

Swingin' Spoolie Ornaments for All Seasons-Christmas in July

I'm a big sucker for Christmas in July, it has always tickled me. Since my little Swingin' Spoolie Bunny was popular at Easter I decided to whip up a Christmas and Halloween version too:@) It's never too early to start crafting for the holidays!

I thought the Santa turned out cute but hope to only use this toothpick head until I find something I like better. Have you noticed that some of the new bump chenille isn't as thick as it used to be? Santa kinda looks like he's been on a diet... Someone give that man a candy cane! 

The Zombies are back!!! These goofy little finger puppets still crack the three year old in me up and I'll probably pick up another pack of them if I see them again this year. True confession time: I'm getting excited thinking about setting up my Halloween tree... I started a list of new ornament craft ideas, there are 15 cute ideas on it so far and I'm thinking about using Caution Tape as my garland this year!

The Boys from Last Year:

The Swingin' Spoolies are simple to make: 
  1. Add some glitter bling to the edges of the spools, let it dry.
  2. Fold bump chinelle in half for legs and hot glue to spool. Roll up tips of pipe cleaner for feet if desired.
  3. Make a circle/oval with a regular pipe cleaner for belly, hot glue that to the legs.
  4. Use bump chinelle for arms, hot glue to top of torso. 
  5. Glue on head.
  6. Feed ribbon (or something for hanging) through the hole of the spool to act as the rope and tie a knot in the top of it.
  7. Wrap the tip of the pipe cleaner arms around the rope like hands. (Or Super Glue the hands to the rope if using a plastic character like the Zombie head. Hot glue doesn't work well with the rubbery/plastic.)
  8. Add any other little decorative embellishments you have.
Happy Crafting and Christmas in July everyone:@)

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  1. It's never too early for holiday crafting. I've had Halloween on the brain even though I don't want to rush summer. Great ideas.

  2. Lynne, you do amaze me with all your clever ideas. Your hands must always be busy either in the kitchen or the craft room.

  3. I like Santa's head, Lynn, but I'm sure you'll find one that you like better. I love your zombies and the caution tape for your garland is the best idea. It's so nice that you're planning ahead and even working on crafts with that sore thumb of yours. Enjoy your week!

  4. I am glad your injury isn't hampering your crafting! These are all hilarious! I just wrote a post for Christmas in July to publish later this week, great minds think alike and all that! I just love your swinging Santa, and the Halloween creepies! What is this world coming too when they skimp on the bumps in the bumpy chenille? Caution tape for your Halloween tree garland is brilliant!

  5. I'm impressed with how far you think ahead. I can't make it past today :)

  6. Your spool ornaments are adorable. All of the big merchandise marts have Christmas in July shows and they are such fun.

  7. They are should pack them all together in a bag and sell them....that way us non-crafters could buy some cuties from you. :)
    Glad to hear the mangled thumb is doing better. :)

  8. I am always in awe if your imagination. Zombies are all the rage this year I hear.

  9. Amazing how creative you are.

  10. "Someone give that man a candy cane" LOL! Your ornaments and creativity make me smile Lynn! Love the idea of caution tape as garland on your Halloween tree :)

  11. Really cute! I think Santa looks great post diet--lol!


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