Saturday, July 19, 2014

Grilled Fresh Green Beans and Saturday Snipits

100 years ago I had a little George Foreman Grill and believe it or not I used it often, but when the boys moved out I gave it to them. They were on sale at Target for $17 so I grabbed one, that's $3 cheaper than when I bought my first one! This makes four grills at my house... I'm concerned the boys may be planning an intervention:@) But I do use them all. First up to take the GF for a test drive, my garden planter provided these Grilled Fresh Green Beans, I loved the char and that they still had a little bite to them. This variety of bean grew flatter and that was even nice for the grill. Alternately, if you have a grill basket, you could cut them into bite size pieces and grill them outside.
Cleaning tip: While the George (or any indoor grill) is still hot place wet paper towels or a wet dish cloth on the bottom plate and close the top. As you eat the residual heat will steam and loosen up the burnt on bits and make it easier to clean.

Planter update: My baby has fully matured and at this point in time gives me a handful of cherry tomatoes a day, the beans are still blooming and producing and the cukes seem to be winding down. I think it could use some fertilizer... The jalapeno plant was a bust, it never did get very big and something snipped it in half a week ago. I moved one very small zucchini into the planter only because I was curious and didn't have anything to lose by transplanting it.

Thumb update: Thank you for your kind words and well wishes! I am pleased to report that after spending some time with it unbandaged and pointed at the sun it's drying out and beginning to heal! Hopefully some of the tenderness will be gone by Monday and I'll begin to feel like myself again... The only thing is, missing this huge divot off my thumb kinda kills any dream I might have had of becoming a hand model:@) Oh well, life goes on!

Grilled Green Beans
  1. Clean and trim ends off string beans (and de-string if necessary, I found this year the cheap packs of seeds had strings, both snow peas and beans).
  2. Mix with sliced onion, minced garlic, a few shakes of crushed red pepper (optional), olive oil to coat and S&P. How much of each? As much as you'd like!
  3. Grill until charred and beginning to soften up.
  4. An additional sprinkle of salt before serving is optional but highly recommended!
Have a happy day everyone:@)


  1. Now I am thinking a George Forman grill would be useful for veggies. Your recipe sounds delish. If you bought your first GF grill a hundred years ago we must be the same age. LOL

  2. you made me laugh! you could always be a grill tester. :)

  3. Glad you hear your thumb is healing. A sense of humor helps everything. Love your grilled green beans. I've never used a George Foreman grill, but he's one heck of a salesman isn't he? He's got a good sense of humor too. Names two of his sons George.

    Have a good weekend Lynn.

  4. I need a GF grill so I can do this kind of stuff, sounds dreamy to this green bean lover~we have lots of grills, but I don't really know how to use them, it's so much easier to let the men do it :) but I do love grilled vegetables and the guys always seem to massacre them...I'm so glad your thumb is better, yikes!

  5. We grilled green beans a while back and I was not happy with them. I think they would have been much better had they been flat beans like yours. Also, ours were store bought since we don't grow green beans at home. Maybe next year I will plant a few. xox

  6. The grilled green beans look perfectly charred, Lynn. I'm thinking you're going to get a lot of use out of your newest grill, especially in the winter months. Your planter sure produced so many goodies for you this summer. Here's hoping your thumb will feel better by tomorrow. I'm sorry about the loss of fortune in being the hand model that you were dreaming about.
    Happy Sunday!

  7. Glad your thumb is healing! The green beans look so yummy!

  8. The beans look delicious! I've got some in the fridge, but we no longer have a grill. Will try this in our grill basket stove top.
    Have a great day!

  9. Wait. What? You can do vegetables on a George Foreman grill? I would never have thought of that (guess I don't think outside the box...) I very definitely have to try this (if I ever get back to normal around my place enough to cook myself a dinner.)

    My daughter would love the charred part.

    Going to see what ELSE I've missed around here now. It's tough being away. You feel so out of the loop.

  10. And I need to find out what happened to your thumb, too.

  11. I'll have to drag out my GF...your beans look amazing, Lynn! I thought George's new ones had grill plates that went into the dishwasher? Would be nice!

    LOL at the thought of an "intervention" *wink*

    I still wince when I think about your poor thumb, though.
    We've had exactly TWO cherry tomatoes so far. Ours are not ripening very fast...loads of green ones on the plants. AND I have a gazillion yellow blossoms on my cucumber plants, but not a single cucumber yet. You must get more sun than No. East Ohio.

  12. Your green beans look delicious with the char Lynn and wow, your veggie planter has grown! I'm glad your green thumb is healing, and my condolences for your dashed dreams of a hand model :)

  13. looks so good, I love green beans any way you can fix 'em, grilled on GF has got to be best. Glad your thumb is getting well.

  14. Glad to hear your thumb is healing, Lynn! Love the char on those green beans.

  15. We've been eating lots of green beans lately. I've never grilled them, though. My friend shared "French Filet" beans with me and they are a slender long, great tasting bean. That's what I'll be planting next year. :)


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