Friday, April 20, 2012

Smoked Salt and Dill Popcorn-and a bloggy tip

Happy Weekend Everyone-Woo Hoo-it's been a long week! How about a grown-up popcorn for movie night. Butter and salt are wonderful but I also like to mix things up, some favorites are Emeril's Essence, Old Bay, Lawry's Cracked Black Pepper Seasoned Salt and Parm with black pepper.
I do love me some dill, so as soon as I saw this combo I had to try it...
Smoked Salt and Dill Popcorn  

It's this easy folks... 

Couple things:
  • The popcorn jar is foggy because I store my popcorn in the fridge. Read once that it's moisture that makes it pop and the fridge was the best place to keep it.
  • This popcorn has a great aroma!
  • I used a mortar and pestal to crush the sea salt, didn't want big flakes in my popcorn. You can easily crush it with the back of a spoon in a bowl. 
  • No recipe, add as much salt and dill as you'd like.
  • Things don't stick to hot air popcorn so you have a couple options... You could add butter (go ahead, I won't tell!), or spritz it lightly with olive oil. Or do what I do, just stick a wet finger to the bottom of the bowl and pick up some salt and dill! My only suggestion would be separate bowls unless you're sharing with a really close buddy:@)
I know this new Blogger format may take some getting used to so I'd like to share a tip... The first thing I do with all posts is immediately go to "schedule" and schedule it for 1-2 months from now. This way, if my fingers get too fast and I hit publish before I'm ready, it doesn't go live, just "scheduled" to post in the future. When you're ready to publish, simply click on "automatic" and you're all set.
Have a happy day!


  1. wow - that flavor combination suggestion actually made my mouth water! dang you!

  2. I am going to try this for our granddaughter...I will let you know how she like it!
    Thanks for sharing!
    ♥ Jil

  3. Smoked salt (I did not know of such a thing) and dill and popcorn, YUM!
    This new blogger is odd, and I will remember your tip.
    I am giving away a copy of my 2d book, for moms, on my blog today.

  4. I have never heard of smoked salt, and thanks for the tip about keeping popcorn in the fridge.

    Some weird things I've noticed with Blogger lately: problems uploading photos; people's past posts are repeatedly being sent 4 or 5 times; some comments have been going into my spam; I do not like it at all. xo

  5. I never thought about those flavors - the dill sounds good. sandie

  6. We have popcorn at least 4 times a week and would love to try something new..this just may be it, thanks.

    I saw someone else talking about the new layout..I went and checked mine and found nothing new, what is it that I don't know about?

    Enjoy your weekend! xo

  7. I heard it was coming and came home tonight to find everything different... Not totally foreign, just moved around and different. You'll be able to create posts, it will just take time to find out where all the new buttons are. One thing I do want to point out to folks, check your spam e-mails, you may find comments from Bloggy Buddies stuck in there. Just click that they're ok and they'll be moved to your post:@)

  8. Cheers to grown-up popcorn!


  9. Good Evening Sweetie...
    Oh my gosh, what a wonderful share this evening. Grown up popcorn. Who would have thought? I LOVE it.

    DH and I enjoy popcorn at least a couple of nights a week and I will certainly be giving this one a try. I will keep you posted. Thanks for the wonderful share.

    Have a glorious weekend. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  10. Yummy popcorn and a great tip. Its been about a month and I have finally gotten used to the new format. Its not that bad.
    have a great Saturday!

  11. Love popcorn. Making it is half the fun!

  12. Love the taste of this ramped up popcorn. Lynn, at first I thought you meant that you were so ahead with blogging that you saved your posts and put them on scheduled for the future. I thought, wow, what a woman. Then I read it again and want to thank you for the tip! Joni

  13. One of my favorites is just sprinkling Parmesan Cheese on the popcorn. Your suggestions sound yummy as well. Will have to try them. Thanks again for sharing.
    Susanne :)
    P.S. Every time I see a pig I think of you, but only in a nice way, lol

  14. Yummy! Emmeril's Essence also sounds good. I keep a home made jar on hand at all times. Thanks for the tips. I'll try storing my popcorn in the fridge from now on.

  15. I just made popcorn Thursday night. I make mine on the stove top and it is quicker than a hot air popper and tastes better too.
    I put garlic in the butter then microwave it to melt and blend the flavors. I also add parmesan to the popcorn.

  16. Lynn, That is a great tip! Thank you! I've been using the new interface for awhile now, and TWICE this week I "published" before I meant to. The publish button is too close to the place I click to re-size my photos. Anyway, I was able to "revert to draft," but a portion of the post continues to show up in google reader (not on my blog itself.) I truly appreciate the tip!!!!!! You're a lifesaver, as well as a fantastic cook.


  17. YUMMMMY! I LOVE dill so putting it on popcorn sounds fantastic. I have NEVER heard of SMOKE SALT, Hmmm. I am really going to have to FIND THAT!
    Thank you SO MUCH!!!

  18. Your popcorn looks good!
    I use Live Writer to create posts, so I don't know about the new format. I could never go back to blogger, LW is so much easier!
    I hope I will be able to figure out how to change my header, etc though!

  19. Sounds wonderful. We had a hot air corn popper once but since we seldom eat popcorn anymore, we just use the regular popper.
    Your version sounds delicious.


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