Sunday, February 13, 2011

It's The I ♥ My Favorite Kitchen Gadget Party!

Thank you to everyone that entered or stopped by, the winner is Kaye Swain SandwichINK. I've e-mailed you for your address Kaye.

Hey everyone I'm so glad you're here! Happy Valentine's Day and WOO HOO it's time for the...
I My Favorite Kitchen Gadget Party!
As any guy will tell you, it's best to have the right tool for the job, 
and I say that goes for the kitchen too-I love them all:@)
I consider a gadget anything that we use to make kitchen life easier or food prettier.

I'm especially fond of cookie cutters, they can be used for so many things!
Homemade ravioli using my KA pasta roller, shaped with cookie cutters.
Is it just me or does it still feel like you need three hands to make pasta even with the roller?
Strawberry/Rhubarb pie for dessert today-
Cookie cutters make everything fun, there is no end to the possibilities!

It dawned on me as I was putting this post together that I don't really have any vintage gadgets.
The closest I could come is this Bakelite cake server that my lovely assistant Earl is modeling.
I think he was really just looking for the cake!

And remember these Tupperware goodies? Gold and brown, must be early 80's!

I have to laugh because I cooked for 20 years with the same set of stainless steel pots and pans and then I discovered... QVC. Oh boy, I never knew there were so many things you needed for the kitchen:@)
Like this 4 quart electronic pressure cooker, love it!
It has a browning function and works as a 180 degree slow cooker too.
...and it's true, the new ones do not blow up:@)

This was the first pig item I bought for my kitchen
It's a 3 quart ceramic casserole dish that can be used in the oven, on the stove or on the grill.
Looks mighty fine with watermelon wedges in it too!

Eugina says, 
I have a million dollars invested in kitchen toys, what I really need is to sign up for a cooking class!

Ok folks, picking an absolute favorite would be as hard as choosing between my kids, 
and truthfully, my favorite is the gadget I need at the moment!

Link up to be entered to win the cupcake corer from Williams-Sonoma.
You'll be able to add fillings and goodies to the center of your cupcakes with ease.
Pictured: jelly, marshmallow and cherries, and I just saw THIS... Oh Momma, gonna have to try it!
Linky will be up until noon EST on Tuesday.

Thanks for stopping by and remember...
Have a happy day:@)


  1. Hi Lynn, Wow--I wasn't hanging out waiting for Mr. Linky but I'm the first! I stay away from QVC because I have no willpower (see my post for evidence) and because there are just so many great gadgets we absolutely need! And I need that cupcake filler thingy so I can make those strawberry mascarpone cupcakes! Linda

  2. Lynn...what a fun party! Wow...I may need a pressure cooker now, lol. I too have those tupperware gadgets....not much else tupperware though. That piggy casserole is wonderful.

    I am thinking that cupcake filler is another must have :)


  3. A pressure cooker that won't blow up? How cool is that!I've always been so afraid to use mom used to make the best red beans in her's.
    Loving that cupcake filler...a white cupcake with a tunnel of fudge in the middle. YUM!!:))
    Thanks for always thinking of such fun, out of the norm, parties.
    I'll bet you are a hoot to hang out with!!:)
    xo bj

  4. I'd like to place an order for ravioli, pie, and a cupcake to go please.

    That casserole is so fun. Great party, Lynn!

  5. Hi Lynn,
    I'm not much of a cook so most of the kitchen gadgets in my kitchen are used by Mr. Sissie.

    His favorite is his vintage bacon press!


  6. I cant get past those amazing looking cupcakes wow they look over the top fabulous thanks for your visit and leading me here!

  7. Hi Lynn,
    Thanks for hosting this fun party! I love the heart-shaped ravioli! I never thought about using cookie cutters on home-made pasta! Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. What a fun idea for a party. Unfortunately my favorite gadget will not be posting until Wednesday. :( Your pie looks yummy!

  9. Fun party! I love kitchen gadgets! And that is one cool pressure cooker! The ravioli looks delicious!
    Thanks for hosting!

  10. Great post! Now I'm thinking I need to check out QVC....

  11. I have many cookie cutters myself and I like how you finished off the pie. Still have my gold egg separater from Tupperware and the one and only rolling pin that I received at a wedding shower. There's something to be said for vintage gadgets but it's also nice to find newer stuff to play with.
    Thanks for hosting, a fun party!

  12. I've been waiting for this party because I did a similar post back in January that I dusted off and contributed... OH, and I have more gadgets than any queen has tucked under her crown.. I love gadgets and I can't pick just one as the others would get jealous. I'm having a Tupperware Party on 2/19 and you're all invited so you can add to your gadget collection.. after that party, I'm sure I'll have even more favorites... lol... Nice party.. I'll have a glass of wine and a wedge of cheese now thank you.. :)

  13. Gadgets are the greatest!

    Love that cupcake corer, ingenious.

    Thanks for hosting this too cute party,


  14. Hmm, you mean pasta roller is not just the name? Mine is used for polymer clay. As you'll see I do have vintage gadgets - still in original packaging! When you said "corer" I was stumped. I did not know baked goods had cores.
    Thanks for hosting this great party.
    I know I will learn a lot.
    (I was tempted to show my favorite gadget as the phone.)

  15. LOL - yes three hands and don't wear a scarf! I do love my pasta roller too and considered it for my post! Gotta love those gadgets that make our cooking easier. Thanks for hosting, Lynn!

  16. I think I like the gadgets a lot more than the cooking !!! I've been thinking about one of those electric pressure cookers...glad that you like it.
    Have a beautiful party and Valentine week!!!

  17. I gave up on making pasta! I did not know WS made a cupcake corer! I have been using an apple corer. Thanks for the tip! Hope you have a happy Valentine's Day!

  18. Lynn,
    You have some really cool gadgets. Love the cupcake corer. That is very nice!
    Thanks for hosting.:)

  19. You have some neat gadgets! Love the piggy!

    I would love to try those strawberry cupcakes!

    Thanks for hosting!


  20. I just giggled at your post. 2 years ago I bought myself some new measuring spoons and cups.. I finally got rid of the Gold Tupperware set I received for my wedding shower in 1973!
    Then I cracked up when you mentioned the pressure cooker from QVC.....I love QVC and I refrain all the time. When Rachel Ray is on, I really have to fight the urge. Those orange cooking pans...get me every time!!

  21. LOVED your heart raviolis... How Delicious is that? I have a whole box of vintage gadgets that packed away "In a Safe Place"!!! I was Hoping to remember WHERE that place was before this weekend! Bwaaaaaaaaa, They are a No Show!!! I'll have to wait till the next gadget party!!!
    Happy Valentine's Day to you,
    Hugs, Donna

  22. I love that heart shaped pasta! How wonderful. And I can so relate to what you said about the gadget you need most at the moment being your favorite. Heck, I will even admit that sometime I love my hubbys (way to expensive) espresso maker even more than my gadgets.

    Thanks for hosting this fun party, I look forward to hopping around and reading everyones posts.

  23. Lynn, I just finished visiting each and every post. How fun was this! I loved the old fashioned ones that I remember my mom havig too. Thanks, tons of fun.

    Hope you have a lovely Valentine's Day tomorrow and I wish I had some cupcakes leftover! Yours look too yummy.

  24. I love the Tupperware egg separator (I think that's what you call it)'s very handy!
    Thank you for hosting this fun fun party, and I hope we get to play again!

  25. I'm new to your blog, but its sooo cute. Love the gadget post..woo hoo!

  26. Hi Lynn,
    This is fun.
    I have to get the pasta roller attachment for my KA! How have I gone so long without one, I ask myself?

  27. Hello from Frog Hollow Farm! This was so much fun to read - and I loved seeing your yellow egg separator - I have the same one - they were little prizes from Tupperware parties years ago! I am so in awe of everyone's fun and delicious looking Valentine goodies - your ravioli are spectacular and yes, it is a difficult feat to manage the rolling and filling and cutting and boiling - I buy mine already made but FHFB would love it if I made mine from scratch. Thanks for sharing! Ciao,bella!

  28. I'm lucky I get an edible meal on the table never mind looking pretty. Love looking at gadgets just like I love reading Valentine's Day.

  29. Hello Lynn,
    your kitchen things are great. Love the casserole with the pig face. I wish you HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY and always sunshine in your garden.
    Greetings, Johanna

  30. I just stopped by to wish you a Very Happy Valentine's Day and to tell you that you fill my heart with giggles!!

    Lots of love,
    Susan and Bentley

  31. You certainly have a well-stocked kitchen :-). I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  32. We went to a wedding in NJ this weekend and stayed over one night in a local hotel as the drive home was too long, Lynn, so I couldn't join in on your fun party for lack of computer time. After dancing the night away I think I need new knees...ouch!
    I love all your gadgets...the heart shaped raviolis are adorable! I'm saving that idea for next year!

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  33. I have been wanting to make strawberry rhubarb pie for a long time now. I think I'll try it this summer. That is the neatest pie I have ever seen! I love how the hearts are different sizes.

    (p.s. thanks for stopping by my blog!)

  34. My comment just disappeared! Poof!
    I love you cupcake thingee, I asked at WS and they don't have it here.
    After doing this party I realized I really must clean out my drawers!

  35. You have some of the nicest things to use in the kitchen. Anyone liking to cook would be in a kitchen paradise here. Appreciate you taking time from your cooking to drop by for a visit.

  36. I'm not sure how I missed that you were having this party but I did! I will have to do a late post tomorrow and join in. I have WAYYYYYYYY too many gadgets in my drawers. I needed that cupcake thingy last night. My filled cupcakes have about a dime sized dab of filling in them...

  37. Love your gadgets, Lynn. The one I cannot do without is my Pampered Chef bottle opener. I have such a hard time twisting caps to open them....Christine

  38. My goodness, heart shaped pasta...who could ever resist that! Perfect for Valentine's Day! My favorite gadget is the stick blender(I know there's a proper name for it but I can't think of it right now)because I love making soups, etc and I can put the stick blender right in the pot.
    Hope you had a Happy Valentine's Day.

  39. Wantd to stop back and say Thank You for the great party. I had a lovely time.
    If you decide to do it again, say best OUTDOOR kitchen gadget mid summer, I hope I am invited back.

  40. Congratulations, Kaye!

    Great party, Lynn.

  41. What a fun party! I hope you have it again because I completely forgot about it. :(

  42. WOOHOO!!! Thank you so much! It was already such a fun Valentine Blog party - and this just put an even bigger smile on my face! And won't my grandchildren be excited, not to mention my senior mom! Thank you! :)

  43. the Strawberry Rhubarb pie looks delicious. my mom used to grow her own and make it for me when i was a kid. brought back memories


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