Saturday, September 16, 2023

Dollar Tree Alert! Pop Daddy Flavored Pretzels & Scrollwork Metal Pumpkins

I saw a new (to me) specialty name brand snack at Dollar Tree, Pop Daddy Pretzels, and picked up a bag of garlic and parmesan to try. Immediately hooked! I have to say folks, these are truly some exceptional, highly flavored pretzels and I agree with every word on the label:@) The DT bags are 3 oz, and so far I've seen the Garlic Parmesan, Peppercorn Ranch and Cinnamon Sugar. Looks like there may be a Dill Pickle, Yellow Mustard, and the one I'm on the lookout for... Hot Sauce-yep. A quick Google shows some other flavors as well. As we truly enter into the heart of entertainment season, this is a nice easy snack to serve, and one I'm sure will be well received by your guests. 

Garlic Parm, Cinnamon, Ranch:
No affiliation or kickback, just wanted to share a snack I'm enjoying.

If you watch QVC you probably saw a very nice set of scrollwork pumpkins back in August. I saw something ~similar~ at Dollar Tree, and quite honestly, was impressed by how they looked. These metal pumpkins are about 10" wide by 9" tall, and skinny enough to fit on a shelf or mantle (maybe 2" depth). There is also a creamy white colored one. They have a small light on the inside and are $5. 
I these pumpkins:@) 
The only thing I'd like a little different, wish the light was on a timer, but that's not a biggie. They've been out for a few weeks, and are selling fast, but I wanted to share...

Grab it when you see it, and
Have a Happy Weekend:@)


  1. Carbs be darned, I am SO going to visit DT and fill my cart with the pretzels. You've got my mouth watering!

  2. I love when you share new things from Dollar Tree! I’ll head there tomorrow to see what I find.

  3. The pretzels sound good and I'll look for them in the DT store.


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