Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Raised Bed Garden Update -First Week of August

We're officially enjoying Tomato Palooza here at Pig In Mud:@) The plants are so loaded that I'm having a hard time getting my hand in to pick the tomatoes! But that is, of course, a wonderful problem to have. As with the zucchini, I've been sharing tons of tomatoes, and that makes me happy. Even though we've had sketchy rain in Philly this summer, the tomatoes have been extra juicy, with not exceptionally tough skins this year-this is nice. But, I have religiously watered every morning, and evening since planting the garden. 

Zucchini (more on that later), 
husky cherry tomatoes, and you see that the cukes have already been pulled.
Strawberry garden in the background, it's getting established.

And a pic with my flag:@)

Banana peppers are winning this year...
Next year my jalapenos will get the prime spot.

Gotta have some flowers:@)

Back to the tomato plants...
Wow, they got huge. 
This is the first year I've really trimmed suckers and actually cut off branches.
Didn't hurt the plants at all!
Another batch of string bean seeds on the very end. 

I have been telling folks for a month to enjoy the zucchini while I have it
because I don't expect it to last much longer...
Well, while there is no doubt the squash borer, and cucumber beetles are causing havoc,
these two plants keep putting out new growth and the very ends are still making blossoms and zukes.

Long view:
Ha, my neighbors happened to be having birthday party for their son:@)

Nature is amazing...

I hope summer is treating you well,
have a happy day:@)


  1. Lynn, your garden looks amazing. It's great that you are getting all of those tomatoes to enjoy for the summer.

  2. How nice everything looks! Are you getting ready for football season? You always share the best recipes for snacking!


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