Saturday, August 8, 2020

2020 Shark Week Barbie

I was 14 when the first Jaws came out, and yes, living on the east coast, it made quite an impression! But then truthfully, I've always preferred swimming in pools to the ocean. Although I will say ~looking~ at the ocean is good for the soul:@) I am tickled with how big Shark Week has become. While I personally can't watch (hand raised-total scaredy cat), I'm all for anything that gives folks something to look forward to and have some fun with. This year it starts on August 9th, Discovery Channel.

Until then...
At the shore, Barbie's drifting on a float in shallow water.
She's so intent on getting ready to take a picture of the scene in front of her,
she doesn't notice the real action is coming up from behind...

Cue the music...

 What do you say at a moment like this???
I mean, besides "oh Momma" (or something a tad more colorful)...
"Where's my can of mace when I need it?"...

I'll stick to having my toes in the dry sand.
Thank you.

Bye, bye, Babs...

 *Disclaimer* No Barbies were harmed in the making of this post😉
No-sew bathing suit from ribbon here.
Pool float from Dollar Tree, shark was at Walmart $1.
Camera was in a mixed grab bag of goodies from Ebay.

~Make something just for fun and have a happy day😎


  1. Blogger and I ave a terrible history. May have to look elsewhere. If your going to switch so much up make sure it works first! HaHaHa! I love that yummy looking cake and Barbie, she is an old friend from childhood and I still collect some of them. Have a great weekend. HUGS across the miles. XO is my primary blog.

  2. Don't you hate when they change things in the tech world?? Right now I am dealing with having to redo all my printable recipes that are on a Google site because they've changed things, agh, so frustrating! Anyway your cake sounds delicious and Barbie better watch out!

  3. Darling post. We're away from the sea these days mostly due to retirement from being there full time, but absolutely because the ships are still out there, but without any guests on board. I don't think I'll join Barbie on the sea shore near those sharks! ;)

  4. Your cake looks yummy and I hope Barbie stays safe!
    I had such trouble working on my blog yesterday. I wanted a picture of my daughter and her kids and I couldn’t get it formatted. They were all squished together. I wish things wouldn’t change. ☹️

  5. Oh no...I fear for Barbie's safety! :) Yes, I hate changes. MY WP template expired and caused me all kinds of problems about a month ago. I still can't get it configured like it was and I'm reluctant to choose a new one that will have more learning curves...*sigh*


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