Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Christmas Clearance Finds and Ideas

While I might pick up some wrapping paper and a couple new strings of lights, I find that the best part of after Christmas clearance sales is trying to find items that can be used in different ways. I'm always looking for decorations and ornaments that would work for other holidays or occasions. I also love to buy sprinkles and cake/cookie decorations at a great price. Here are some fun ideas, a couple things I got for 75% off and some pictures I took at the store to share:@)

I enjoy twinkle lights in my kitchen window all year round. 
I'll add a garland of flowers in summer, leaves in fall, and will use different tinsel garlands for different holidays too.
Lovin' the bold colors of these two substantial garlands $1.22. Red for Valentine's Day.
And this multi-colored one is great! A bright punch of color for drab winter days? Cinco de Mayo?  Birthday parties?

These Hershey Kisses are 50¢. 
You could use the red and silver for Valentine's Day and the green for St. Patrick's Day. 
My Hershey Kiss Shamrocks can be found HERE.

There's a lot of winter left... 
I love these snowflake decorations, perfect to help make a snow day even more fun!

These little acrylic trees will be fun with the snowmen I bring out for winter, 49¢.

I grabbed this little flamingo for my tiered tray centerpiece this summer... 
Stay tuned:@) 

And of course I'm always looking for Barbie ideas and props.
I saw these earrings back in November when Walmart put them out and thought "if they're still there"...
Now I have two 2 1/4" Christmas wreaths for pictures and dioramas for 75¢. 
(Or I can use them for crafting.)

And I'm sure Barbie will be excited about this magnum size bottle of wine:@)
It reads: Warning, may cause holiday cheer!

I hope the sales are treating you well too!
Have a happy day:@)


  1. I wanted to hit the after Christmas clearance sales, but just didn't have the energy! You are so smart!

  2. What fun. I (of course) love the Flamingo ornament. I have several on my pink and white tree.

  3. You did some "fun" shopping. I generally like to hit the after Christmas sales, but just didn't this year. I might get out this week and see if there are any bottom of the barrel discounted items I might want still lingering on the shelves somewhere.
    Like you I keep lights up all year. I have a string of fairy lights that stay on the mantle year round and wind around whatever seasonal items are there.

  4. I alas buy my toppings for cakes and cookies at the after Christmas or holiday sales.

  5. What fun buys, Lynn!! The earrings will make perfect wreaths for Barbie. I bought a big popcorn tin and a box of Russell Stover candy for my thrifty WalMart buys.

  6. New Year is the perfect occasion to celebrate love, friendships and all the good things in life. Let’s take the time to appreciate what this year has given us and what the new one is about to bring! Happy New Year!

  7. What great finds! My mother and I used to head out the day after Christmas to hit the sales and have lunch. Sadly, after she got sick and subsequently died, I just stopped doing it. It might be good therapy to grab a couple of friends and do this again. Fun post!

  8. Love your fun sale finds Lynn! Happy New Year!!


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