Saturday, December 15, 2018

How To Make A (Last Minute) Homemade Personalized Keepsake Glitter Ornament

I just can't get a good pic of this folks, such a shame because it really is cute! I saw something similar and thought this was a great idea for a Homemade Personalized Keepsake Ornament. The neat thing about this is, it can be for anything that's special to the recipient. Cartoon characters, job themes, a family picture printed on paper or a favorite sports team logo:@) Another great thing, if you use plastic ornaments, this is a perfect kids project! How about letting them put stickers on a ball and glittering that for Grandmom... I think you could cut the design out of paper or fabric, I chose my Philadelphia Eagles fabric and will say the wet glue made it wrap around the ball perfectly.

The ornament is extra sparkly and you can see the design perfectly in person.
The key is to use clear glitter.

  1. Cut picture/design out of fabric or paper.
  2. Remove the top of the ball where you attach the hook. This will keep it neater.
  3. Cover back of picture/design with Elmers Glue. Place on ball and carefully smooth design out so it lays flat on the ball. Allow to dry.
  4. Cover entire ball with thin coat of Elmers Glue, I smooshed it around with my fingers (this is where the kids come in handy:@). Over a piece of paper, shake clear glitter (found mine at Walmart) over entire ornament. Allow to dry thoroughly. I suggest either sticking an ornament hook into the opening and hanging it to dry, or just lay the back of the ornament in the excess glitter until dry.
  5. Carefully reattach the top of the ornament. Depending on what balls you use you may have to glue it back on.
  6. Easy-peasy and one of a kind!

Gift something handcrafted and have a happy day:@)

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  1. How cute! I like the colors...are you going to make one for me? heeheehee! Holiday hugs!

  2. Beautiful! And, what a fun project with the kids!

  3. Your ornament turned out so cute Lynn! Love this idea!

  4. Wow, it turned out beautifully! Maybe a new Packers' ornament will bring them better luck for next year!


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