Saturday, January 6, 2018

Saturday Snippets: Wrapped Colored Dough Spritz Cookies and 2018 Lottery Experiment

It's been a little... cold on the east coast... How about heating up the oven (warming up the house) and trying a new decorating technique for spritz cookies. I've added food dye to the dough before, smooshed the colors together and made simple variegated cookies, but this Wrapped Colored Dough Idea is intended to give your cookies a specific look. A solid center and color all around the perimeter. Start with a small log of color for the center, then flatten out the next color into a rectangle and completely wrap the outside of your center color (think of the hotdog snack Pigs in a Blanket:@)
For best presentation use small amounts of dough, maybe only fill the press about 1/4-1/3 full each time. 
I saw a great video about how to do this on Creative Cookie Press HERE.
Leftover dough can then be pressed together and used up to create the simple variegated look below.

I decided I'm going to try a little Lottery Experiment this year.
Every weekend I'll buy a $1 scratch off ticket and keep track of how well I do.
I'll be curious to see the bottom line at the end of the year (and thought you might be too).
 I don't see any duck feet...

As you can see, I'm off to a great start... ugh.

Stay warm and have a happy day:@)


  1. Love the lottery experiment! You are so much fun.

  2. Now that sounds fun (the lottery experiment) and yummy (the cookies)!!

  3. The lottery experiment is very interesting. I look forward to following that this year!

  4. :-( We don't have lottery in AL. Am looking forward to following your experiment. Love the wrapped dough idea, hope I remember it next time I make cookies.

  5. I can pretty much predict your lottery experiment based on my past experiences.

    You'll have a few free tickets and a modest $1 to maybe $5 win but the majority of those columns are going to be nothing.

    I say this to curse you with luck. If I say you'll win nothing, you'll probably hit a jackpot.

    To ensure you all win the Powerball, I am buying myself a ticket tonight.

    Then maybe I'll wash my car. We could use the rain.

  6. What a nifty idea/tip to make these pretty two-toned spritz! My hubby buys 3 lottery tickets a week and wins something (like $1 or a free ticket) about 3 x a year. He's still hoping for a big win so he can retire early, LOL.

  7. The cookies are beautiful. You are a spritz cookie whiz, aren't you? Love the lottery idea.. I hope you hit big this year!

  8. Very cool snowflake cookies!! Good luck on your lottery experiment, I hope you hit the jackpot Lynn!

  9. Pretty idea for the 2-color Spritz! Good luck with your experiment! :)

  10. I do love those variegated Spritz, Lynn. Cissy and I will have to try them when I get home. Good luck with the lottery this year!


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